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Co-ed, Grades 6 - 8

June 13-17

This camp introduces students to the world of speech and debate competitions. Campers work on a variety of public speaking and debate activities designed to help build skills and prepare for competition during the school year.  In a fun and supportive environment, students enjoy implementing their new skills through a variety of projects and activities throughout the week.

Coed, Grade 1
This course is designed to help rising first graders review math concepts from Kindergarten and those covered in the early days of the first-grade year.  Students will work with a trained educator and participate in a number of games and activities to refamiliarize with old material and gain confidence in a small group.

Coed, Grade 1
This course helps rising first graders review and strengthen literacy topics that are key for the first-grade year.  Students will work with a trained teacher on a variety of word work, reading, and writing activities daily in order to build confidence for a successful first-grade year.

Coed, Grade 2 
This course helps rising second graders build a solid foundation in computational skills including addition and subtraction. Students will also be exposed to multi-step and word problems.

Coed, Grade 2 
Through a variety of fun activities, rising second graders develop key literacy skills. Topics include sentence structure, proofreading, creative writing, and daily reading activities.

Coed, Grades 3 - 4 
Rising third and fourth graders get a head start on the school year in this literacy course. Students work on their reading comprehension, fluency, and a variety of different writing activities, including proofreading and creative writing.

Coed, Grade 3 
Rising third graders get practice and review math facts and word problems. Students will work with measurement, money, fractions, and time.

Coed, Grade 4 
Rising fourth graders practice math facts up to 12, multiple-digit addition and subtraction with regrouping, counting money, making change, determining place value up to six digits, reading an analog clock, counting elapsed time, and interpreting and solving word problems.

Coed, Grades 5 - 6 
For rising fifth and sixth graders, this course refines reading comprehension and other literacy skills. In addition to using a variety of active reading techniques, students will work on strengthening inferencing skills and creative and expository writing.

Coed, Grades 5 - 6 
The course helps students identify their optimal learning style, students will participate in a number of projects to develop note-taking, time management, and test-taking strategies. 

Coed, Grade 5
For students starting their fifth-grade year, this course helps to master multiplication facts, place value, and long division with an emphasis on word problems.

Coed, Grade 6
Students who are two years away from beginning Algebra complete a pre-test to identify specific areas of need, subjects such as problem-solving strategies, fundamentals of the number system, part to whole meaning, and order of operations.

Coed, Grades 7 - 8 
This course uses a common work of literature to develop literacy skills. In addition to a focus on grammatical structure, students will also get exposure and review creative and expository writing.  

Coed, Grades 7 - 8 
This course helps students identify their optimal learning style, students will participate in a number of projects to develop note taking, time management, and test-taking strategies. 

Coed, Grade 7
In addition to completing a pre-test to identify specific areas of need, proper algebraic formatting, the order of operations, simplifying and evaluating variable expressions, and solving basic linear equations are covered.

Coed, Grade 8
In addition to completing a pre-test to identify specific areas of need, proper algebraic formatting, the order of operations, simplifying and evaluating variable expressions, and solving basic linear equations are covered.

Coed, Grades K-5

July 11-22nd

Are you interested in exploring different techniques to push your creative boundaries? Have you ever wanted to design your own personalized project? Come join and have some fun unleashing your creativity and exploring your artistic side. In this class we will paint, draw, and learn different art mediums. 

Co-ed, Grades K - 8

Supervised by adult staff and shepherds, this safe, less structured period of play is a great option for families who need childcare outside normal camp hours.

Girls, Grades K - 5 

Campers experience fun, learning, and socialization through a variety of engaging core classes and activities. Adult faculty work hand-in-hand with high school and college-aged shepherds, who serve as camp companions and guides.

Co-Ed, Grades K - 8
Offered by Progress with Chess Camp

All levels are welcome. Knowledgeable professional chess instructors provide a fun and supportive environment for children. Beginning students will master the rules and moves of the pieces. More experienced players will learn strategy, tactics, and checkmate patterns. 

Coed, Grades 7-12

July 18-22

Students will come in with a vision of a positive change they want for their community: a stop sign, an outdated ordinance overturned, a voter registration drive, an idea for app that helps connect politicians and the community, etc. Then, we’ll work together to create an action plan!

Co-ed, Grades 10 - 12

Open to HB students ONLY
The course allows students to study micro and macroeconomics through research, data analysis, and case studies. Participants are introduced to key economic concepts, which are generally framed around important social issues and international topics. 

Coed, Grades 5 - 12

July 5-15

Students will come to camp with ideas for businesses they've either already started thinking about, or with the urge to dream up an idea, and they will leave with steps necessary to launch their business. In week 1, they will learn to vet their own ideas and think through how to get from conception to launch. They will write up a formal business plan that they can follow in the future. In week 2, students will begin to work through their own business plans, getting themselves closer to launch.

Co-ed, Grades 9 - 12

Students are introduced to the field of computer science through a hands-on exploration of topics. The course focuses on the conceptual ideas of computing and helps students understand why certain tools or languages are utilized to solve problems.

Girls, Grades 10 - 12

Flex Fitness provides instruction and support in the pursuit of individual fitness and wellness goals. Students will review the proper and safe use of fitness room equipment and utilize technology in applying fitness and training goals. The goal is to provide students with the knowledge and tools to design workout plans which support lifelong fitness and wellness.

Coed, 12th Grade

This new program is designed to assist rising seniors prepare their prescreen videos and for their college auditions.  Over the three weeks students will work on their pre-screen monologues, songs and dance videos, including filming them on site if desired.

Co-ed, Grades 4 - 6 

HBTI helps young people improve their performing arts skills through a challenging curriculum of drama, dance, and vocals. Students audition for fully-staged productions. Along with their growing arts skills, HBTI students gain confidence and socialization skills.

Co-ed, Grades 7 - college

All Performing Arts Students will take the basic theatre technique classes of acting, voice and ballet.  Also students will elect a program either; Acting, Musical Theatre or Dance and take additional classes in their focus. 

Co-ed, Grades 1 - 3

HBTI Prime sessions provide a creative and enriching experience in drama, music, dance, and fine arts. Students have the opportunity to explore performing arts with fun and age-appropriate activities.

Co-ed, Grades 3 - College

July 14-July 24, 2022

Students registered for any of the three HBTI sessions can audition to participate in JOSEPH AND THE AMAZING TECHNICOLOR DREAMCOAT. These productions complement daytime training. Campers train with some of the best instructors in town and apply what they learn in full-scale productions presented at Hathaway Brown School.

Girls, Grades 10-12

The World in the 20th & 21st Centuries takes a global perspective in examining the events, ideas, and developments that have shaped our world since 1900. Students will explore how the major events of this time period continue to impact and shape our world today. As part of this course, students participate in a History–Music Collaboration to see how culture and politics interact and intersect through historical and present-day examples.  

Co-ed, Grades 10 - 12
The course allows students to study micro and macroeconomics through research, data analysis, and case studies. Participants are introduced to key economic concepts, which are generally framed around important social issues and international topics. Public, private, and international economic policies are emphasized. The course stresses the importance of civic, international, and business ethics and emphasizes the necessity of informed decision making.

Girls, Grades 11

The 11th grade summer Wellness class satisfies the required Wellness credit for Junior year. Students must attend each day and complete the assigned work in order to earn credit for the class.  

Co-ed, Grades 3 - 8

Join HB’s orchestra director and the HB instrumental team for this engaging camp experience. Each day includes orchestra rehearsals, sectionals, movement classes, and afternoon activities.

Coed, Grades 5-8

June 13-17th

This camp will focus on the skills of the design and mechanics of sewing, both hand and machine. Students will learn pattern-making and use design skills to create unique items out of fabric. 

No prior sewing experience needed! 

Co-ed, Preschool - Grade 3

Come learn the fundamentals of soccer through play with our Varsity Head coach and varsity HB Blazers.

Co-ed, Grade 4-8

Join in the fun of playing soccer with our Varsity coaches and HB Blazers!

Girls, Grades 1-4

July 11-22nd

Come and join us for a two-week camp filled with Science Technology Engineering Art and Mathematics! Through these frameworks, we will explore exciting themes such as Animal Habitats, Storybook STEAM, and many more! We will engage in hands-on lessons within these topics, and will have fun experimenting, making predictions, and much more.

Co-ed, Grades 2 - 5

June 13-17

Adventure on the high seas awaits you this summer as you set sail during our Storyline camp - Shipwrecked! The Storyline Method uses drama, art, imagination, research, and cooperative problem-solving to create an engaging and memorable approach to learning.

Co-ed, Grades 9 - 12
Studio Art Survey is an introductory prerequisite course for all advanced Upper School Visual Arts classes. The class covers drawing and design principles in a variety of media in three segments. 

Co-ed, K - Grade 6
In Swoosh Camp, young athletes learn the fundamentals of various sports, improve their skills, participate in friendly competition, and have fun every day. Swoosh offers basketball, capture the flag, dodgeball, field hockey, kickball, lacrosse, soccer, swimming, tennis, volleyball, and much more! 

Girls, Grades 2 - 5

Learn the basics or refine your skills on HB's brand new tennis courts!  

Co-ed, Infant- PreK

For currently enrolled HB students only.
Each week in the Tiny Trailblazers program, there is a theme based on a children’s book. Campers will enjoy engaging academic programming and fun nature-based outdoor play. 

Girls, Grades K-5

Vacation Camp meets the needs of families who require childcare during August, and campers continue the fun times and learning experiences that have been cultivated all summer long!

Co-ed, Grades 9 

For rising ninth graders from any school, this short course is designed to help students develop critical reading, writing, and general study skills. Students should expect to write during class each day and will receive extensive feedback on ways to improve their formal writing (argumentation, style, organization) as well as note-taking strategies and techniques to help improve reading comprehension.