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Athletic Program Philosophies


Varsity competition is the culmination of each Hathaway Brown athletic program. While refining skills and developing athletic strategy to play at the most competitive high school level are both objectives at the Varsity level, emphasis is placed on both our Core Values and a play-to-win spirit of an education-based athletic program. Varsity teams are composed of the most skilled, dedicated members of the program, regardless of grade level. Participation in a Varsity program one year does not guarantee a spot the following year. Squad size at the Varsity level is limited. It is vital that each team member has a role and is informed of her importance. While contest participation over the course of a season is desirable, a specified amount of playing time at the Varsity level is never guaranteed. A sound attitude, high level of physical conditioning, and advanced level of skill are prerequisites for a position on a varsity team, as is the realization that a Varsity sport requires a significant commitment. Practices and games are scheduled on a Monday through Saturday calendar. This commitment is extended into vacation periods for some athletics seasons. Only members of the coaching staff make playing time or playing position decisions, and these are based on a number of factors, not limited to an individual player’s skill.


Junior Varsity competition is intended for those who display the potential and desire for continued progress and development, regardless of grade level. JV teams focus on developing, reinforcing, and refining fundamental skills. The program also is designed to help scholar-athletes develop more sophisticated athletic strategies, increase individual fitness, and reinforce commitment to the team and team goals, all with a constant emphasis on HB’s Core Values. The outcome of each contest is taken into consideration as coaches balance continued team and player development with striving for victory. JV athletes are not guaranteed equal playing time, but coaches will make every effort to allow each player the opportunity to play. A high level of dedication and commitment is expected at the Junior Varsity level. Practices and games are scheduled on a Monday through Saturday calendar. This commitment is extended into vacation periods for some seasons.



At the Middle School level, teams focus on exploration rather than specialization. The program is designed to help scholar-athletes develop fundamental skills, learn game rules and strategies, and practice HB’s Core Values while participating in interscholastic competition. These teams prioritize skill development and participation over winning. Therefore, all athletes who have met the team expectations have the opportunity for playing time. Coaches strive to provide a positive team-building experience and build girls’ confidence so that they might continue to pursue when they graduate to Upper School athletics. Most Middle School programs have A and B teams. While both focus on skill development and exploration, A teams tend to be made up of players with more experience and stronger skills. A team members will not have equal playing time, but B team players will have equal time, as much as possible. At times, the reality of facility restrictions may limit the number of participants in a sport. Middle School teams practice and play their games Monday through Friday after school. There is an occasional weekend commitment.



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