HBBH Newsletter- Week 1


Camp Notes:

Please stay in your cars during pick-up time and a camp faculty member will come to your car.  If you need to get out of your car, please park legally do not disrupt the traffic flow. 


Also, please make sure you send your child to camp with a lunch, if not purchasing one from the school, and a water bottle labeled with your child’s name.  Hathaway Brown is a peanut-free environment, so we ask your help by trying to eliminate any nut products from your child’s lunch.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation in our effort to keep every camper safe and healthy.


A friendly reminder: picture day is Tuesday!  Be sure to have your camper wear his/her camp shirt on Tuesday to be ready for picture day.


Movement:  During the first week, campers are using a variety of movements to get the blood flowing! 


Lanyard:  We focused on mastering the box and barrel stitches this week.  Some girls used their skills and creativity to work on more complicated lanyards, such as the Corkscrew, DNA, and many more!


Duckland:  This week we read I am a Duck to get us in the “ducky” mood.  Then, we made our own sparkly duck necklaces.  It was messy and quacktastic!


Fairyland: The pirates arrived on HB’s campus and stole all the fairy magic!  In order to get their magic back, the fairies in training have to learn to read the map to avoid the pirates and reclaim all their magic.  This week, the fairies in training read the map correctly and it led them to find their very own fairy dust.  The girls were covered in magical dust by the end of their outing!


Mermaids:  The mermaids were on vacation this week!


Urban Adventures:  This week we focused on team building activities to develop great relationships with each other.  We made our own Project Runway outfits, which we made using materials such as garbage bags, paper, fabric scraps, and tape.  We also decorated cupcakes using marshmallows and we played lawn games.


Edible Concoctions:  Campers made delicious and easy two-ingredient cupcakes this week.  Cake mix and a can of pop made a yummy treat for the tummy!


Challenge:  This week was focused on team-building activities and developing trust among each group.  We did this through fun ice breakers and name games.  We also started to develop skills that we will use on the low ropes course.


Improv: Campers got their creative juices flowing this week by coming up with give and take stories.  They worked in partners and one person started the story, then “gave” it to the other person to continue, and this pattern continued.  A fun way for them to start thinking quickly, which is crucial for improve!


Games:  Younger campers played the classic game, Red Light Green Light.  They also enjoyed a fun get to know you game.  Older campers played another camp favorite: Capture the Flag.  Despite the heat, fun was had by all!


Table Top Challenges:  In Table Top Challenges, campers have access to various games, including cards, puzzles, math games, collaborative games, and board games.  The focus this week was being able to work together during a game and trying games for the first time.


Discovery: The campers had a great time during their first discovery class!  They created a calming and effective peppermint foot scrub and gave themselves a paraffin hand wax treatment.  The girls were all so brave to dip their hands in the hot wax!  Campers also made and ate delicious chocolate chip cookies and then did a meet and greet, where campers were able to ask and answer questions to get to know each other better. 


Ink: In Ink, younger campers focused on spiders.  They sang the Itsy Bitsy Spider and made spider webs out of the letter “W”.  Older campers created mad libs and played letter bingo.  Campers had so much fun with words and letters!


Friendship bracelets:  Campers worked to begin making friendship bracelets.  They were introduced to the basic knot pattern.  Each week in friendship bracelets we will discuss a friendship “theme”.  This week’s theme was “A friend is…”  The girls each wrote a word or phrase that explained what a friend is to them.  Throughout all of camp, we will highlight different aspects of friendship, since a main part of camp is meeting new people and making new friends.


Spa:  This week we made bath body paint.  The girls used body wash, corn starch and food coloring to create their own shades of fun, safe, and colorful bath time fun!


Art:  This week, campers created beautiful and serene watercolor paintings with markers.  The designs they came up with were unique and lovely.


Reclaim:  The focus of this class is upcycling, which takes gently used or discarded materials and gives them a new life.  This week, campers worked on repurposing a variety of materials.  For example, campers used toilet paper rolls and turned them into jewelry and made coffee filters into parachutes. 


Kindergarten:  The kindergartners had a great first week learning how to follow the rules and getting to know each other.  Some of their favorite activities were making visors, the two field days and Fairyland. What a great start to camp!


The three-year olds (France and Italy):  The theme for this first week was socialization, socialization, socialization.  We are getting to know each other and we made banana strawberry smoothies.  Yum! 


The four-year olds (Japan and India): Campers had a terrific first week at camp!  They participated in a variety of crafts such as making sun visors and decorating picture frames.  We spent a lot of time outside, too.  We played in the sprinkler and on the playground and even took a visit to Games and had fun with Mr. Ryan!  Another highlight was going to Ink and making spider webs.  

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