HB Center for Global Citizenship Testimonials

Students, parents, alumnae, partner agencies and others have strong feelings about the benefits of the
Center for Global Citizenship at Hathaway Brown. Here, we share some of their thoughts. 

Hathaway Brown’s Center for Global Citizenship challenges me as an educator to be fully present, authentic, and myself with the girls and fellow chaperones. Outside the walls of a classroom, every meal, every conversation, every time we step outdoors is a learning experience. Disciplinary boundaries fall away as I, an English teacher, explain the geology of volcanoes or my colleague, a science teacher, helps a girl with her knitting. Together we revel in the blue ice of a glacier, try the traditional hákarl (rotted shark), and gaze out at the landscape described in the Icelandic Saga we have read together. My travel with the Center for Global Citizenship informs how I teach and how I live my life in profound ways.

Beth Armstrong HB Upper School English teacher; Iceland program chaperone


The Center for Global Citizenship at Hathaway Brown is instrumental in preparing its students for a multicultural, multidimensional world to be effective citizens and leaders. The CGC immerses HB students in academics and practical experiences to be self-aware and well prepared for the 21st century. I am particularly impressed with the trips to India where HB students have a genuine exposure to that culture and economic system.

Thomas C. Barry Founder, Zephyr Management and Harriet Mullin Barry ’32 India Fellowship

To all the teachers and administrators - your enthusiasm and love for this school is inspiring. I’ve seen where HB’s success comes from - it’s your leadership and guidance. I’m so honoured to to call you my mentors as well. Your support and generosity has meant the world to me.

It’s been a privilege to even associate with a group of such impressive girls. Rubbing shoulders with the calibre of student you are is incredible itself. But you’re also such genuine and beautiful people with maturity and kindness that I’ve never come across. And I’m so lucky to have you as my friends.

My return to Australia will be bittersweet. I definitely miss my friends, family and home. But the whole concept of those three words has changed immensely now. Home is where the heart is, and this is home. Saying goodbye will be devastating, but how fortunate am I to have my heart split on two sides of the world? Now I’m excited to go back, because I know I will be returning with a com-pletely new perspective and tenacity for life I could only learn here.

This year has been an adventure. I’ve grown, and I thank you for being part of that. You’ve made me the happiest I’ve ever been. I’ll never forget the honour it was to attend Hathaway Brown. It’s such a special place. So congratulations on making HB so wonderful, and thank you for sharing it with me. I’ll be visiting often, I promise. And if ever you’re in Australia, please let me know. You’re family now.

Isabel Byrne 2014-2105 ASSIST Scholarship Recipient from Trinity Anglican School, Cairns, Australia


I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to have participated in the Global Scholars Program at Hathaway Brown, which sparked my interest and passion for international relations. I will graduate in May of 2015 from Johns Hopkins University, where I have majored in international studies, with a concentration in security studies. I plan to attend law school in the fall, with a focus on national security law. Thanks to my education at HB and, in particular, the Global Scholars Program, I felt very prepared and comfortable for the challenges of college and beyond.

In fact, one of my college courses, which focused on the US Intelligence Community, reminded me of the Global Scholars course. The class involved presenting impromptu briefs on international crises, from the perspective of various intelligence agencies. While many students felt overwhelmed at the prospect of speaking and responding to daunting questions from our professors, I was accustomed to being expected to think on my feet and actively discuss current world problems and solutions. The Global Scholars Program also prepared me for the rigors of writing research papers. My senior thesis was a 40+ page research paper on Sri Lanka's civil war and political situation, which made many of my college papers seem like a piece of cake!

It is safe to say that the experiences in the HB Global Scholars classroom, including researching foreign issues, presenting in front of the class and truly becoming an expert on certain global issues, are invaluable. We live in an increasingly global world and having an appreciation of foreign policy and current affairs at an early age is becoming more and more necessary. Thus, in my opinion, the Global Scholars Program demonstrates just another way that HB prepares its students to learn "not for school, but for life” and to embrace the future as well-rounded and informed young women.

Catherine Carulas HB '11, Johns Hopkins University ’15


Our family has an inherent excitement and curiosity about different people, places, and cultures. We chose Hathaway Brown for high school hoping that the Center for Global Citizenship would encourage these interests in our daughters and instill a sense of responsibility to participate in the global community. What we got was even better—our girls came away not with a feeling of obligation, but with a genuine eagerness to travel, to learn, and to communicate without borders.

In the Global Scholars classroom, Joe Vogel introduced the girls to a wide variety of regions, and to the influential leaders and events of those areas. This awareness became integrated into their daily lives and reinforced as they opted to listen to NPR, or read Time or The Economist, or discuss topics at the dinner table, or run Young Politicians meetings.

Our eldest daughter, who traveled to India with the Center for Global Citizenship, is now majoring in Near Eastern Studies at Princeton University. She will spend the summer in Morocco, living with a family and mastering a new Arabic dialect. Our younger daughter returned from Turkey with a renewed sense of her own faith and country, as well as with an increased appreciation of other religions and cultures (and with multiple new Facebook friends!)

The Center for Global Citizenship has helped our whole family understand that being a part of the global community can encompass more than donating money and taking a selfie with the inhabitants of an impoverished area. We are all more motivated to acknowledge the similarities as well as the differences in distant lands, and to forge bonds with people and places that will affect how we think and what we do for years to come.

Peter and Allison Catanzaro Parents of Alice HB ’13, Princeton University ’17; and Isabel HB ’16


As we prepare to once again receive and host two incredible students from HB this spring, I am struck by the transformative power these seemingly simple exchanges have had on our own students. I have personally witnessed a broadened perspective, a heightened sense of curiosity and perhaps most importantly a deepened understanding of a much larger world of possibilities by those fortunate students who were able to spend two weeks as “HB girls.” They simply come back “different.”
These opportunities don’t just appear but require meticulous planning, logistics and a keen vision of purpose. On behalf of the entire A-School community here in Hong Kong, I sincerely appreciate the efforts, energy and dedication of your entire staff and school to truly make differences in the lives of children that you don’t even know.

It is only by pushing global education beyond knowledge and awareness to active participation that gives us the privilege to call one another “sisters and brothers” in the human community. We are forever humbled by the honor of calling Hathaway Brown our family.

Dr. Wil Chan Chief Pirincipal, Hong Kong Baptist University A-School


The Center for Global Citizenship run by Joe Vogel serves to make Hathaway Brown girls aware of countries besides their own and offers new experiences and insight towards being abroad. I have been fortunate enough to travel to Panama in eighth grade and to Senegal during my sophomore year through the Center for Global Citizenship, and each trip offered me something incredible. In Panama we had to collaborate to build benches and a structure to support a water barrel in a rural village. This required patience and communication to complete the task, but it was so rewarding afterward when we could play soccer with the children of the village. Throughout my time in Senegal, I learned how to not only communicate but truly bond with girls my age even though we had extremely different backgrounds. During my homestay, I was able to really connect with my "homestay sisters" despite only sharing a bit of French and English between us. I loved being able to live a completely different life for a period of time. In both countries I really valued being able to advance my knowledge of Spanish (Panama) and French (Senegal) since I study both and plan to do something international in my future. I believe that the Center for Global Citizenship is truly incredible in its ability to take us across international lines to expand our horizons in such a unique way.

Julia Felderman HB ’16


To lead implies that someone is following. By that standard, Hathaway Brown is not only leading its students on a more globalized path through school, but it is also leading the nation on both global curriculum with its leading Global Scholar program, and on travel programs that set the standard for innovative, transformative experiences.

Willy Fluharty Director of the Nexus Center for Global Studies at Cape Henry Collegiate School, Virginia Beach, Va.


We've been working with the Center for Global Citizenship for many years. Under Joe Vogel's leadership, the CGC was one of the very first secondary school study-abroad programs to evolve from the traditional amateur-directed model to a truly professional undertaking. Their clarity of mission and their student preparation for participation sets the bar for the field. We've trained almost 100 Hathaway Brown faculty and staff. They are always sharp and engaging and a great pleasure to work with.

Bill Frederick Director, Lodestone Safety International


In a world where conflicts emerge on an everyday basis, having knowledge of how the international system functions is imperative. The Center for Global Citizenship equipped me with a foundation better than anything I could've imagined. The passion that I discovered for international relations through this program influenced my decision to major in International Studies with a focus in national security and foreign policy. With the guidance of the faculty in the CGC, I acquired the skills that enabled me to secure an internship with U.S. Senator Rob Portman on the Permanent Subcommittee on Investigation, a subcommittee of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee.

Arielle Goldberg HB ’13, American University School of International Service ’17


Through HB's Global Scholars Program, I was able to immerse myself into the past, present, and future of our world physically, mentally, and emotionally. I've learned the how beings across the globe are threaded together in this global community, enriched with eclectic cultural norms and people whose hearts beat with the vibrancy of their respective cultures. HB provided me with the map that helped me navigate through foreign nations, ideologies, and obstacles by teaching me how an open mind laced with respect will always be my best tour guide.

Sam Keum HB ’15

Sixty years ago when I graduated from HBS, our curriculum was restricted to the basics. We were taught with rigid guidelines by very disciplined, dedicated teachers. We did indeed learn "not for school, but for life." As long as I draw breath, I will be grateful for my HBS education. Now, however, it is an incredible delight to know that Joe Vogel is teaching and leading the Center for Global Citizenship. His enthusiasm, his energy, his knowledge and his vibrance resonate with each of us who meet and talk with him! As a result, I wholeheartedly support his efforts, his passion for all of his bright young students. Joe does a glorious job of keeping the alumnae informed about the group's travels and experiences: a life-altering adventure for his students as well as a vicarious thrill for those of us whose HBS tenure ended long before the inception of CGC. Thank you, Joe, and HBS for making this happen!

Joy Johnson Nevin HB ’55, Author of Get Moving! A Joyful Search to Meet and Embrace Life Transitions


Going to Cambodia profoundly changed my life. It's hard for me to fully express what happened to me for I am still changing from it. The way I view the world, interact with people, and engage with my surroundings has been forever altered from the experience. It struck me with wanderlust that fuels my passions and engagement with the world. I am so blessed it happened to me through HB at the young age it did. I am living life as a young confident person whose boundaries span from continent to continent, from the Atlantic to the Pacific.

Elana Scott HB ’14, Pitzer College ’18


When I was in ninth grade at HB, I left the continent for the first time to visit Beijing June First Middle School on one of the Center for Global Citizenship's inaugural trips. I became hooked on travel, exploration, and global learning. Since then, I've traveled to nine Asian countries, five European countries, and one Middle Eastern country. Now, I am living and teaching at a university in Hong Kong--my first job after graduating from college and an option I chose in large part because of my immersive travel experiences at HB. Being exposed to global education from such an early age not only taught me how to get the most out of travel (how to make friends with students my age, accept the food I'm given and the utensils with which I'm expected to eat, and to stop thinking about what time it is in the U.S.) but also that understanding other cultures is crucial to becoming the kind of person who can make a real contribution to society.

Arielle Stambler HB ’10, Yale University ’14


My experiences during my home stay with Tibetan refugees in Dharamsala, India, spurred my interest in documentary filmmaking. Since that trip, I have dreamt of returning to Dharamsala to tell the harrowing tales of these refugees' brave treks through the Himalayas to freedom from persecution. I am now studying visual storytelling and documentary filmmaking in college, honing my skills so that I may one day be able to effectively capture stories like these. Global education encompasses everything: it's history, religion, politics. It's the study of human nature. The Center for Global Citizenship encouraged me to break out of my safe, insular existence and ignited my passion for understanding the world.

Maddie Stambler HB ’13, Duke University ’17


Georgie, Liv and I all had the most incredible time and have so many amazing memories at HB. Thank you so much for making us all feel so welcome and for all your effort in organising our schedules and helping us become involved in the school. HB is an amazing school and I had the best time learning different subjects, participating in different class and learning about America. It was so lovely meeting all the amazing girls and teachers at HB I met so many awesome people and had the best time getting to know them. I had the most incredible five weeks!

Ali Westmore Student at Ravenswood School for Girls in Gordon, Australia


In India I gained an appreciation for the power of spirituality to affect the human day, to shape a community, and to influence the perspective of any woman or man. When we stayed in Dharamsala, we were lucky enough to be welcomed into the homes of local villagers who shared their meals with us and spoke to us firsthand about their lives. I'm thankful for the quality of preparation and reflection that is present with any HB trip, which always made a big difference in how the trip stayed with me long-term. I always came home with journals full of notes and fresh questions to pose to my parents.

In this readily globalized world, the experiences I have had abroad literally help me navigate my interactions with peers in college every day. It's impossible now to be a young person and not be curious about and open to truly understanding the cultures and customs that are not natively our own. 

Ingrid Zippe HB ’13, Rhode Island School of Design ’17 

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