HBTI Performing Arts Training

Performing Arts Training
9 a.m.-3:30 p.m.
Grades: 7-College

Each student (grade 5 through college) will pick a focus - Acting, Dance or Musical Theatre. High school and college students may also select Advanced Acting Workshops. There are six total hours of class per day, and 30 minutes for lunch. Each focus has a set curriculum for that discipline as well as some classes that connect with HBTI students across the curriculum. Students will be assigned to appropriate classes based on age and experience.

Acting Focus

The goal of the “Acting Focus” is to learn to "live truthfully within imaginary circumstances." HBTI has a multi-level approach to acting training - imagination, action and characterization. Each level offers new techniques that help students rediscover their imagination, open their senses and develop their physical instrument.

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Acting Curriculum
Acting (2 hours per day)
Audition Technique (1 hour per day)
Actor's Instrument (1 hour per day)
Other acting classes (2 hours per day) - may include stage combat, improvisation, comedy, dialects, acting for the camera and/or Shakespeare.

Dance Focus

The goal of the “Dance Focus” is to develop a broad movement repertoire. Students will be able to physically and intellectually demonstrate their mastery of dance technique, movement vocabulary and dance terminology.

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Dance Curriculum
Ballet (1 hour per day)
Tap (1 hour per day)
Jazz, Lyrical dance or Contemporary(1 hour per day)
Partnering/Stage Combat (1 hour per day)
Other dance classes (2 hours a day) may include floor barre, ballroom, audition technique, dance history, choreography and/or repertoire.

Musical Theatre Focus

The “Musical Theatre Focus” is designed to develop students in three artistic disciplines - acting, dance and voice - the “triple threat performer.” Students will learn the same principles as described in the "acting" and "dance" focus with the addition of training in music and voice.

Students will be placed in a series of courses in all three disciplines to move their skills forward and help them grow artistically.

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Musical Theatre Curriculum
Acting (2 hours per day)
Audition Technique/"Act the Song" (1 hour per day)
Vocal Technique (1 hour per day)
Ballet (1 hour per day)
Another dance or movement class (1 hour per day)

Advanced Workshops 

Grade 9-College Only
NOTE: Session One (The Plays the Thing) and Session Three (Musical Theatre Project) 

These workshops will take the student directly into the rehearsals of a production by fully integrating performance techniques into an in-house production to be showcased for HBTI students at the end of the session. Students in these intensives will also have two hours of technique classes (ballet, voice or acting). These workshops are for older students with strong acting, singing and /or movement abilities. Enrollment is limited;  Previous HBTI training is preferred or permission from the HBTI director. 



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