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Winter Break Program 2015

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ACTING FOR THE CAMERA:  This class will instruct the student on proper on-camera acting, audition techniques and “on-set” lingo.  Students will learn to create authentic and believable characters for the camera. The class will explore all aspects of on-camera acting, ranging from commercial, industrial, TV series, film, to voice-overs. We will also go over casting breakdowns and learn how to identify our “types.”  The student will be given scenes, commercial copy, and voice-over sides to work on throughout the day and will be coached individually. We will film each student so that their on camera skills can be evaluated and enhanced. Classes offered: 12/27 block 1, 12/28 block 1

ACT THE SONG 1 and 2: The student’s training will consist of preparing for standard and contemporary musical theatre auditions. They will receive instruction on how best to present themselves to auditors, methods for “acting a song” and learn to build an audition book (a binder with multiple songs) so they can confidently audition for any show they encounter. The student should prepare (memorize in advance) a 32 bar music selection that is character and objective driven that show their acting and singing ability. classes offered: Act the song 1- 12/27 block 3. Act the Song 2- 12/28 block 3

AUDITION TECHNIQUES: Dance Audition, Call Back - Vocals, Call Back-Cold Readings, College Prep-Vocals.   These classes will prepare students a wide range of audition situations  within the performing arts genre.  Dance:  How to move through your dance call with tips on being prepared, what to bring in your dance bag, and how to sell yourself to the best of your availability. Call backs for Vocals and Call back cold readings. How to prepare, tricks for learning music and dialogue quickly, how to deal with a scene partner and how to best present yourself. College Audition Prep: This class will give students a chance to review, practice and receive coaching on their audition pieces as they prepare to do their college auditions. Classes offered: Dance Audition-12/28 block 2. Call back for Vocals 12/28 block 1. Call Back for Cold Readings 12/27 block 2. College Audition Prep- 12/29 block 1

BALLET 1 and 2: The students will learn ballet technique and movement vocabulary using a traditional dance class format of barre, center floor and traveling movement patterns. Students will increase their technical skill with ballet, their ability to link movements together to create dance phrases and their general comfort with this dance form. Participants should come in dance clothes, with soft dance shoes. Classes offered: Ballet 1 12/29 block 3. Ballet 2-12/27 block 1, 12/28 block 1, 12/29 block 1 

LYRICAL DANCE: This technique fuses elements of contemporary, ballet, and jazz dance. The choreography may be done to either instrumental music or songs with lyrics. Students will learn a short dance routine. Participants should come in dance clothes. Class offered: 12/29 block 2

PRIME: PRIME (grades 1-4) is a creative and enriching full day experience in drama, music, dance, and fine arts. Students will have the opportunity to explore the performing arts with fun and age-appropriate activities.  Full day only program offered 12/27, 12, 28 and/or 12/29

STAGE COMBAT( Basics, Hand to Hand, Weapons): Students will be taught the basics of dynamic stage combat movement, starting with spatial awareness and safety, leading to falls and physical conflict with slaps, punches and grapples. More advanced student who have learned the basics will move on to armed techniques and choreography with the single sword.  Classes offered: Basics(all ages)12/27 block 1, 12/28 block 1. Hand to Hand(7th grade and up)12/27 block 2. Weapons(7th grade and up) 12/27 block 3

STORYTELLING 1 and 2: To tell a story is to be the story, and this introduction to storytelling is the first step on the path to telling yours. Using a selected folk tale, students will be guided through the process of building a narrative. Moving from the bare bones to muscle and blood and beyond, students will learn basic storytelling fundamentals such as story structure, metaphor, and timing, and they will use these tools to shape their own telling. Classes offered: Storytelling 1(grades 5-6) 12/27 block 2. Storytelling 2 (grades 7th and up) 12/27 block 3

TAP DANCE 1 and 2: This tap dance class will offer classic steps and tap combinations, rhythmic development and much, much, more. Every “triple treat” needs a time step or two in their movement repertoire. The class will conclude by putting all you've learned into a 32 count dance with a song from a musical. Don't forget your tap shoes and big smiles Classes offered: Tap 1-12/28 block 3. Tap 2- 12/27 block 2


Planning on auditioning for a university performance program? Come learn how to prepare and what to prepare for college auditions. Subjects covered will include: appropriate materials, vocal range, theatrical energy for the space and the cast-ability factor. Also included: slating, audition selections, resume materials, dress, what to bring to the audition and helpful suggestions. Accompanist provided.
Preparation Requirements- Bring any current audition materials- including memorized monologues and musical selections: Workshop offered 12/29- block 2.

SPECIAL WORKSHOP WITH JOHN AND DANITA THOMAS (Broadway Producers)                

Spend time talking with and learning from the John and Danita Thomas. This workshop will focus on knowing what is required for professional auditions, both regional, touring companies and on Broadway. Learn how to being prepared, how to act with a reader, proper audition room etiquette, about head-shots and resumes and tips on how to land a callback.  Be prepared with any current audition material- including memorized monologues and musical selections along with lots of questions. Workshop offered 12/29- block 3.

VOCAL TRAINING- How to safely "BELT" 

Belting is often called for in musical theatre but can be unsafe for young voices.  Learn techniques on how to belt safely, consistently and with good tone quality without doing damage to still developing voices. Class offered: 12/27 block 1

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