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Faculty Testimonials

~~When I came to HB I was so surprised, and it was a welcome surprise, at how open the faculty members are to sharing and supporting one another. I find that one of the best features of HB still today. We collaborate so much on planning and on talking about the children and the kinds of things that we do at the school.

~~What makes HB special is that there are really no limits or boundaries to what anybody can do here. So, for a student or for a teacher, if you can imagine it, you can do it and really nothing will stand in your way, which I think makes this a totally unique and amazing place. And I would also say my favorite thing about this place is the student-teacher relationships. The dynamic here is a place of really vibrant collaboration and mutual respect and it's a place where sometimes you can even see the mentoring role switched. I feel like many days here I am definitely learning more from the students than I am teaching them and find them to be inspiring models for how to live a really vibrant engaged passionate life. So it's a terrific place to be every day.

~~What surprised me when I came to HB is the feeling of family. All of your colleagues are your new family and your students are part of your family and their parents are a part of your family now, and I actually think that that was wonderful.

~~You really get to know your students and their likes and dislikes and they have a great time getting to know everything they can about you. That makes for a really fun teaching environment.

~~Every single day is a different adventure, so many exciting things going on and opportunities, whether you're a student or a faculty member, the sky is the limit.

~~My colleagues are some of the smartest most dedicated creative people that I've ever worked with. Every day that I come in, I hear about the things that they're doing in their classroom and it spurs me on to be a better teacher. They're collaborative in the way that they approach things, they're always willing to share, we're always bouncing ideas off each other, helping each other. There's really, you know no one has any agenda except for to make it a better place for students to learn.

~~We're given, as professionals, the chance to have the freedom to do what we believe is best for our students. Each year, each day, each class can be very different and we're allowed to do what is the best practices and work on our skills and our craft and get better at what we're doing every day without someone looking over us and telling us every day about what we have to do or what we can't do and they basically trust us to do the work that we do, and that's something that I did not find at other institutions that I worked at.

I think what's exciting about HB is that everybody is really passionate about education and they're here to give the girls the very best of themselves. I think we try to embrace what is strong and good and capable in every student and really try to fan that flame and make it grow.

~~What makes HB most special is that every person on this campus every day comes to make sure that we give girls every opportunity humanly possible within these walls. It's an incredible energy and an incredible way to spend your day, to spend your professional life and it really does energize you coming to work every day.

Shaker Heights, Ohio Girls K-12 Coed Early Childhood

19600 North Park Boulevard Shaker Heights, Ohio 44122 P: 216.932.4214
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