Athletics Camps:
Julie Wojtkowski -, 216.320.8792

Before and After Care, Broad Horizons Camps, Vacation Camps:
Siva Grossman -, 216.320.8085

Specialty Camps, Summer Studies Camps, Superstart Camps:
Jason Habig -, 216.320.8796 ext. 7173

Theatre Institute: Bebe Weinberg Katz -


Times for different camps vary. Please see the information on the camps your child is attending for details. Care before and after regular camp hours is available. 

8-9 a.m. Before-Camp Care
12:30-3 p.m. Beginners (ages 3-4) After Care
3-6 p.m. After-Camp Care


If you need to drop off your child before the start of a morning program or pick up your child late at the end of day, you must enroll your child in Before- or After-Camp Care.

If you arrive at camp to drop off after Broad Horizons camp is in session, you must take your child to the Prime Entrance (Courtland Blvd.) for security and attendance purposes. The staff will take your child to his or her camp location.

Carpool Drop-Off

When you drop off your child at camp, please follow the instructions about locations sent from the camp directors before the first day of camp.

Early Pick-Ups

Whenever possible, please send advanced notice of an early dismissal—you may contact the camp director or send a note in with your child. Your child will be taken to the Prime Entrance (Courtland Road) where you will be asked to sign him or her out.


All late arrivals, early dismissals, and absences for Broad Horizons should be reported to the Summer Programs Office by phone: call Siva Grossman at 216.320.8085. For other programs, please call or email the director for your child's specific camp (see Contact Information).


All clothing and equipment must be labeled with your camper’s full name. Please make sure to pack clothing that is weather appropriate. All Broad Horizons, Athletics, and HBTI Campers will receive a camp shirt. Camp shirts should be worn on field trips and other special days (to be announced).

Every camper should wear clothes that are comfortable and appropriate for their program, including shoes that are comfortable and safe for walking. Flip-flops, sandals, and Crocs are not recommended. Campers wearing this type of footwear are not allowed to participate in many of our outdoor activities.


The names, addresses, and phone numbers of our campers and staff are confidential. We are not at liberty to share this information.


Our number one priority is assuring a safe and enriching experience for children. If your child is in the Broad Horizons camp program and you need to speak to someone, please call Siva Grossman at 216.320.8085. For all other programs, please call or email Jason Habig, Director of Summer Programs at or 216.320.8796 ext. 7173. Please keep in mind that counselors and coaches who are responsible for the direct care of children generally do not have time to speak with parents during the camp day. However, we are happy to arrange a conversation with the appropriate administrator or make a phone appointment for a more convenient time.


Our Summer Studies courses are eligible for credit. Because of the condensed nature of these courses, students that miss more than three days during the course of the summer will not receive credit for the course. Any questions about this policy should be directed to the Summer Studies Director Jason Habig.

Students enrolled in a Summer Studies academic course receive a written evaluation, and a final report is emailed to the parents and, upon request, to the participant's school.


Hathaway Brown is willing to adapt your camp experience to match your family and childcare needs. If you are interested in our Flexible Scheduling Options, Before or After Camp Care, Friday Camp or Vacation Camp (spring break and August break), please contact Siva Grossman at or 216.320.8085. Service charges may apply for flexible scheduling.


Medical information is collected at the time of registration. Families who do not enter their medical information online will be required to submit a paper copy.

An on-site nurse's aide is available to administer first aid in the event of an injury. In the event of illness or injury, you will be contacted via the phone numbers that you provide at the time of registration.

If your child requires any type of medication to be administered during camp, an additional medical form is required. All medications should be labeled with your child’s name and sent to the nurse’s office for storage and dispensing. Please do not give the medication directly to your child.

If your Broad Horizons camper needs to withdraw from camp due to a medical emergency or illness, please contact Siva Grossman at 216.320.8085; for all other camps, please email Jason Habig.


Dependent care forms or any other childcare reimbursement forms should be submitted to the Summer Programs Office via email. Please include instructions if your statement requires specific formatting such as a weekly break-down or camp fees only. Please remember that the office cannot simply sign-off on a form without checking our records. Due to the nature of this process, it may take up to a week to complete and return your form.


Please make sure you label all of your child’s clothing and anything else that they bring to camp (e.g. water bottles, goggles, lunch boxes, etc.) We try to reunite campers with their lost items if they are clearly labeled. If we cannot immediately return the items, or the items are found later, they are collected and stored in the Prime Lobby. If you discover that your camper is missing something, please contact the director for your child's specific camp, and we will do our best to track down the missing item. We will keep any unclaimed lost and found items until August 14, when they are donated to a local charity. Please remember that items of particular value are not permitted at camp. Campers may bring a cell phone, but it should be out of sight. Hathaway Brown School is not responsible should these items be lost, damaged, or stolen.


In order to assure that everyone stays hydrated and healthy, all campers should bring a labeled water bottle to camp each day. Water coolers are located throughout the campus. In the interest of conserving natural resources, we generally do not provide cups for water; campers are expected to use their water bottles. Lunch should be packed or, for some camps, can be purchased at the time of registration.


At the time of registration, parents are asked to provide or refuse photo authorization. The policy states, “My child’s photo may be used in the media, publications & website promoting HB summer programs. (Group photos are excluded.)” Group photos are taken during camp, and a roaming camp photographer will snap pictures of every camp throughout the course of the summer.


Camper safety is always our highest priority, and Hathaway Brown offers ample indoor space for activities. Whenever possible, we carry on with our activities as scheduled rather than moving everyone indoors. For this reason, it is important that campers come prepared for the day’s weather conditions.


See our Registration page for Registration Instructions and Requirements. Additional policies follow:

Payment and Deposit

Payment is due as stated on Registration page.

Cancellations and Refund Policy

Camp fees shall not be refunded by the camp because of the absence of the child from camp, regardless of cause, or if camp is closed due to safety concerns, inclement weather, power loss, or other emergencies. Hathaway Brown Summer Programs reserves the right to cancel under-enrolled programs, in which case the deposit and tuition will be refunded.

In the event of a cancellation or withdrawal of the child for any reason after full payment is due, the primary contact shall be obligated to pay the total due for all registered sessions; HB may issue a refund if possible based on staffing and other fixed costs.

Returned Checks

A fee of $35 will be charged for all returned checks.


The camp may require the withdrawal of the child for misconduct or other conditions that are disruptive to the functioning of the camp. This is at the sole discretion of the camp staff. In the event of a withdrawal, the primary contact shall be obligated to pay the total due for all remaining registered sessions. A camper who possesses or uses illegal drugs, alcohol or tobacco products on campus will be dismissed from HB Summer Programs without refund.


In the event of an emergency school closing, we will send an email to all camp families and post information on the HB Broad Horizons Day Camp & Summer Programs website. If the closing occurs after camp is in session for the day, we will contact all camper families by telephone to make necessary dismissal arrangements. In case of an emergency involving your camper, we will contact you using the emergency contact information you provided when you registered. Please check your online account for accuracy and inform the Summer Programs Office of any changes.


Families should apply sunscreen before leaving for camp each morning. A supply of sunscreen should also be sent with your camper. Campers should not share sunscreen due to the growing risk of allergic reaction. Campers must be taught to apply their own sunscreen. It is virtually impossible for a shepherd to apply lotion to a group of children multiple times per day. However, if your campers need assistance, we encourage them to ask their shepherds.


Many HB camps include swimming options. These campers are evaluated on the first day. Our pool is staffed by certified lifeguards and instructors. We encourage all of our campers to swim, but we never force a camper to swim.


Many of our programs will invite parents and families for special events on campus. However, outside of these events, we follow a strict no visitation policy for the safety of our campers. Our shepherds and staff undergo extensive background clearance checks as part of our hiring process. The campers' safety and wellbeing is our highest priority.

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