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Hathaway Brown Endowed Faculty Chairs

Anne Cutter Coburn Chair for Excellence in Teaching

The Anne Cutter Coburn Chair for Excellence in Teaching was established in 1984 to recognize teaching excellence at Hathaway Brown School. The endowment income is used to defray the cost of the chair holder's salary and provide the chair holder with an annual stipend. The chair is held for a one year term.

Chair Recipients:

1984-85 Susan Faulder

1985-86 Phyllis Grumney

1986-87 Veronique McMillan

1987-88 Marge Lohwater

1988-89 Deborah Southard

1989-90 Laurette Payette

1990-91 Martha Bissell & Lois Cameron

1991-92 Jamie Morse

1992-93 Susan Barnes

1993-94 Kim Kazinger

1994-95 Sue Sadler

1995-96 Maryalice Johnson

1996-97 Eugenie Podojil

1997-98 Roberta Hardacre

1998-99 Roger Sams

1999-00 Don Southard

2001-02 Joanne McConville

2003-04 Glenn Looman

2004-05 Silvia Kenneweg

2007-08 Sheri Homany

2009-10 Barry Kallmeyer

2010-11 Julie Harris & Mary Boutton

2011-12 Michael Buescher

2013-14 Berniece Boyle

2014-15 Laura Webster '91

2015-16 Julie Kerrigan Ettorre

2016-17 Ali Day

2017-18 Janine Yearms

2018-19 Becky Kline & Darrah Parsons

2019-20 Marissa Haverlock

Eleanor & Kelvin Smith Chair in English

The Eleanor and Kelvin Smith Chair in English was Hathaway Brown School's first endowed faculty chair. Established in 1983 by Mr. and Mrs. Kelvin Smith (Eleanor Armstrong 1917) and their daughter, Lucia Smith Nash 1946, the endowment perpetuates the same standards of excellence in English preparation that influenced Mrs. Smith's early education under principal and English teacher Mary E. Raymond. It was Mrs. Smith's belief in the preeminent value of a strong English department that prompted the establishment of the Smith Chair in English. The Chair is awarded every five years to one member of the English department faculty for excellence in teaching. Mr. and Mrs. Smith's daughters are both graduates of Hathaway Brown: Lucia Smith Nash of HB's class of 1946 is a Life Trustee and Cara Smith Stirn is a member of HB's class of 1945.

Chair Recipients:

1984-89 Kavita Hosali-Syed

1989-94 Clyde Henry

1994-99 Pauline Thornton

1999-04 Susan Levitan

2004-09 Lois Cameron

2009-13 Patricia Gefert

2013-19 Jamie Mueller

2019-24 Marty Frazier

Marting Chair in Foreign Language

This endowment was established in 1992 as part of "The Campaign for Hathaway Brown" with generous gifts from Elizabeth (Libby) Marting Treuhaft 1922 and Isabel Marting 1925. These sisters shared a lifelong relationship with Hathaway Brown. In the true meaning of "not for school, but for life," they endowed The Marting Chair in Foreign Languages as a monument to honor their parents, whose sacrifices and determination made their own HB education possible. The Marting Chair has been instituted to reflect their combined cultural interests and backgrounds, and as HB's fifth endowed faculty chair, it is integral to the School's continued commitment to excellence in teaching and education. Income from the endowment provides salary support and stipend to the holder of The Marting Chair.

Chair Recipients:

1992-95 Silvia Kenneweg

1995-98 Veronique McMillan

1998-99 Ann Marie Robinson

2003-06 Lise deConingh

2007-10 Almuth Riggs

2010-13 Bill Rice

2013-16 Sandrine Lhomet-Schmitz

2016-17 Sarah Schwab

2018-21 Adam Kollin

Ann Corlett Ford Chair in History

Established by Amanda F. Morris and George Ford II to honor their mother, Ann Corlett Ford '16.This endowment was established in 1990 as part of "The Campaign for Hathaway Brown" to stimulate and enrich the teaching of history at Hathaway Brown School. Arranged by the grandchildren of Amanda Leisy Corlett and the children of Ann Corlett Ford, the endowment supports salaries for faculty teaching history, faculty education and curricular development in the teaching of history. One member of the faculty shall be designated the recipient of the Ann Corlett Ford Chair in History, receive a stipend, and hold the Chair for three years.

Chair Recipients: 

1992-95 Carl Hoffman

1995-98 Brian Ross

1998-01 Nancy Gladstone

2003-06 Judy Nelson

2007-10 Ali Day

2010-13 Kevin Purpura

2013-16 Jason Habig

2016-19 Mary Boutton

2019-22 Toni Cross

Louise Blyth Timken Chair in Mathematics

This endowment was established in 1983 by Louise Blyth Timken 1927 to support a chair in mathematics at Hathaway Brown School. The Timken Chair is awarded every five years to an exemplary math teacher. Income from the endowment supports the Chairholder's salary and provides an annual stipend.

Chair Recipients:

1984-89 Dory Grooff

1989-93 Karen Hyvonen

1993-98 Dan Pierce

1998-03 Eileen LaVerde

2003-08 Linda Wohlever

2009-14 Caroline Borrow

2014-19 Lori Harris

2019-24 Michael Buescher

Judy Cortese Chair for Science

This endowment was established in 1983 with a generous gift from the Warren H. Corning family. The Cornings' commitment to natural science and science in general spurred the establishment of the chair, based on their conviction that school science should be made real, meaningful, fascinating and exciting. The chair was named for Judy Cortese, who was Hathaway Brown's Head of Science for 17 years, from 1966 to 1983.

Chair Recipients:

1985-92 Jan Morrison

1992-98 Don Southard

1998-03 Joyce Queen

2003-08 Kelly Wilson

2009-14 Beth Burtch

2014-19 Mary Kay Patton

2019-24 Diana McBeath

The Sue Sadler Award for Promise in Education

The Hathaway Brown School Award Fund for Promise in Education honors Sue Sadler for her many contributions to the Hathaway Brown community, including classroom teaching and school administration spanning more than two decades. This award is given annually to an early career educator who demonstrates a deep commitment to excellence in education, possessing a sincere desire to reach every student, and through his or her work, has a powerfully positive impact on the HB community.

Chair Recipients:

2012-13 Hallie Godshall

2013-14 Morgan Locsei

2014-15 Toni Cross

2016-17 Julie Breckenridge

2017-18 Jenna Gordon

2018-19 Candice Badner

2019-20 Jennifer Oakley

Martine Vilas Conway 1949 Chair for Aspire Director

Martine Vilas Conway 1949 established this endowment fund in 2008 to support the position of Director of the Aspire Program at Hathaway Brown School. The Aspire Program is a tuition-free academic and leadership program that brings together adolescent girls who attend under-resourced public schools in the Cleveland area with new teachers who have tremendous potential in the field of education. This endowment will allow HB to attract, secure and support the most qualified person(s) for the position of Director of Aspire.

Chair Recipients: 

2008-10 Cammy Howe Dubie '88 & Koyen Shah

2010-13  Natalie M. Celeste

2013-19  Camille Lipford Seals '02

2019-     Arianne Thomas

Kettering Fund Chair for Student Research Program

This endowment was established in 2004 with generous grants from The Kettering Fund of Dayton, Ohio with the support of Susan Kettering Williamson 1955. Income from this endowment supports the salary of the Director of the Science Research Program at Hathaway Brown School.

Chair Recipients:

2004-15 Patty Hunt

2015-     Crystal Miller

Clara Taplin Rankin 1934 Chair for the Center for Global Citizenship

Clara Taplin Rankin 1934 created this Chair in 2013 to honor her commitment to education and teaching excellence, which make profound differences in students' lives. The Center for Global Citizenship provides a foundational knowledge of world cultures, global issues, and international relations.

Chair Recipients:

2013-18 Joe Vogel

2018-    Mike Ciuni

Linda K. Vaughan 1956 Chair for Athletic Director

This endowment was established in 2007 by Linda K. Vaughan, a member of Hathaway Brown School's class of 1956. Made in honor of Laurette Payette, HB's revered Director of Athletics from 1975 to 2007, the endowment will fully support the position of the Athletic Director at Hathaway Brown School, enabling HB to attract, secure and support the most qualified person for the position of Athletic Director. In making this gift, Linda shared that she wanted to give back to the institution that had set the course for her own successful career: a professional career spent mainly at Wellesley College, where she served as chair and director of Wellesley's athletics department from 1973-1990. Linda was an important and passionate voice for women in sports.

Chair Recipients:

2007-11 Amanda Brown

2012-16 Paul Maes

2016-    Julie Kerrigan Ettorre

William McKinley & Jessie M. Osborne Chair for the Writing Center

Virginia Osborne Charman 1941 created this Chair in 2001 because she believed that the written word is and always has been a signature element of a Hathaway Brown education. This endowment supports the Chair, establishing an atmosphere where student writing can originate and evolve.

Chair Recipients:

2001-07  Terry Dubow

2007-11  John Verbos

2011-      Scott Parsons

H. William Christ Chair for Vision and Innovation

H. William Christ, Head of School from 1987-2016, distinguished himself at Hathaway Brown as a creative and visionary leader. This chair was established upon his retirement to recognize a faculty member who demonstrates vision and innovation in the field of education.

2016-19 Julie Harris

2019-22 Leah Ridgeway Jackson '99

The Paine Family Leadership in Coaching Award

The Paine Family Leadership in Coaching Award was created by Amy and Andrew (Randy) J. Paine III, who believe that it is of paramount importance that young women must be of uniting mind, body, and spirit in order to become active change makers in the world. Amy and Randy have a daughter, Margaret (Molly) Paine, who graduated from Hathaway Brown School in 2017. While at HB, Molly was the Captain of the Varsity Swim Team and she was awarded the Outstanding Global Scholar and Blazer Athletic Awards. This endowment was established by the Paines in recognition of and dedication to the education that their daughter received from Hathaway Brown School, as well as the commitment to supporting future students and coaches in the HB community. 

2018-19 Roderick Speed

2019-20 Greg Aten

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