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HB Senate & Honor Council 

Description of Roles

President of Senate (1 individual)

President of Senate will be a member of the senior class elected by the student body and faculty. Working closely with the Senate advisors and class deans, she actively tends the culture in the Upper School, leading the student body in accordance with the School’s mission. She synthesizes student perspectives and regularly speaks on behalf of her classmates. She will preside over all Senate meetings and oversee all Senate activities. She must be a student in good standing as deemed by the faculty.

Co-President (2 individuals per grade level)

Co-presidents in each class will be elected by their respective grade levels. Together with the Senate advisors and class dean they are responsible for fostering a positive, inclusive community in their class. They run class meetings and organize class projects and activities. They keep the class informed of Senate business, and are responsible for organizing class participation in school-wide Senate activities. They must be students in good standing as deemed by the faculty.

Honor Council Representative (1 individual per grade level)

The honor council representative will participate in the honor council, a group of students and faculty who make recommendations to the upper school director regarding violations of the honor code. The honor council representative must be ethical and trustworthy, a person respected by her classmates for her integrity. She will also be a class spokesperson on issues related to the honor code. She must be willing to stand by her word and to speak out and take action when necessary. She must also keep proceedings strictly confidential.

Overview of the Roles and Election Process

What are Senate members responsible for?

Voice and community. Responsibilities focus on community building, events, and leadership development. Over the past few years, we have identified a number of ways to match the role of Senate with the needs of this school. New strategies are continually being sought. This is an opportunity to influence the way people think and respond to everything that happens here

How do you run? Is there a campaign?

You must complete an application to express your intent to run. You must create two slides—one is printed and posted in the student center and one is shown in morning meeting. You must also deliver a speech to the student body before votes are cast.

What happens if you are interested in more than one role?

Unless she declines, any senior who runs for Senate President will also be included in the class Co-President election. Others can run only for one office.

How many people serve on Senate?

Nine. One person will serve as all-school Senate President for the entire student body. In each grade level, students will elect two presidents for a co-leadership role.

How often does Senate meet?

Meetings occur once each cycle during lab and each cycle during lunch. Attendance at a back-to-school retreat, Senate meetings and Senate sponsored events is required.

How many people serve on Honor Council?

Four. We elect one Honor Council representative from each grade.

How often does Honor Council meet?

Honor Council meets as needed to address issues that arise.

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