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 Hathaway Brown's Innovation Team

Every school hears the call to innovate for the 21st Century.

Why not get there before the 22nd Century comes calling?

Hathaway Brown’s Innovation Team can help. We’ve spent the last decade designing and refining innovative approaches that bring the world to our students and our students to the world. We call our model the Institute for 21st Century Education, and it’s changed our school dramatically and for the better.

Over the years, scores of schools have visited HB to learn more about our distinctive Science Research and Engineering program, Center for Global Citizenship, Osborne Writing Center and other innovative programs.  Hundreds of schools have also attended our Innovation Summits.

Now we’re launching a service to help schools fast track their innovation efforts. Our Innovation Team can help at any stage of the design process.

Interested schools can choose from two new options:

Jumpstarting Innovation: The Managing Director of the Institute for 21st Century Education will study your school and spend one to three days visiting your campus, helping decision-makers develop visions for innovation, design academic structures and compose action plans for next steps. Schools can also choose to visit Hathaway Brown for an in-depth investigation of our distinctive programs.

The goal of our Innovation Team is to help schools develop programs that best suit their cultures and communities. We’ll share our insights, guide the design process and help schools avoid pitfalls as they move from idea to action.

Why HB?

Hathaway Brown’s Institute for 21st Century Education has received a lot of attention from other schools and educational organizations because it’s a unique and powerful design. It also has a very ambitious goal: to create the global model for girls' education - the kind of education that will prepare our graduates to be the visionaries, the difference makers, the female leaders who will change the world.

At its most basic level, the Institute is an assortment of programs that Upper School students can join if they so choose. It’s always voluntary, and it always aims to unleash a student’s creativity, imagination and passion.

We call the programs “Centers,” and each one is related to a discipline that students explore in their core classes. The Centers focus on pressing issues and are designed to accommodate the aspirations and distinctive gifts of each student.

How We Can Help

Schools are always welcome to visit Hathaway Brown. The Managing Director of the Institute will coordinate the day, which usually consists of a handful of 45-minute meetings with Center Directors and administrators. It’s a great way to learn from and share with one another.

Schools interested in taking the next step by engaging our Innovation Team should also contact The Managing Director of the Institute, who will customize a project proposal.

All funds generated by this endeavor will go directly towards sustaining the programs that comprise Hathaway Brown’s Institute for 21st Century Education.

Shaker Heights, Ohio Girls K-12 Coed Early Childhood

19600 North Park Boulevard Shaker Heights, Ohio 44122 P: 216.932.4214
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