Hathaway Brown's Education Innovation Summit 2012

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             October 4-5, 2012

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 Capital Collaboration: Maret's Transformative
Partnerships in Washington, D.C.
Eliza Alexander, Jack Davies,
Brenda Jews, Marjo Talbott
Accelerating America
Michael Brosnan 
 Inspiring Public-Private Partnerships:
The Example of the Hawaiian Owl
Carl Ackerman 
Demystifying Design Thinking
Coelyen Barry, Mike Davis, Bill Wolf-Tinsman 

 Shattering School Silos
Jim Bologna, Eryn Hoffman,
Peggy Procter, Larisa Showalter
Presentation Site 

The Middle Grades Partnership:
Making a Difference in Baltimore
Beth Casey, Andrea Perry, 
Whitney Ransome, Tom Wilcox
Telling It Like It Is: How to Create Successful
Independent School Partnerships to Support
Underrepresented Students
Karin Elliott, Shelley Greenwood, Lee Hart, Lorna Smith

What Independent Schools Can Learn
from the Charter School Movement
Pearl Rock Kane, Shelly Saltzman, Alan Rosskamm
presented by Carney, Sandoe & Associates  

 Building Bridges
Robert Paymer 
Slides | Bridges Commercial | 
Bridges Summer Program Closing Ceremony
 A Global Approach to Globalization
Blake Eldridge, Jason Robinson 
How Children Succeed
Paul Tough  
Schools in Partnership:
A Program Shift in Education
David Drinkwater, Jacqueline Smethurst 

 Learning in the Digital Age
Eric Sheninger 

 Rethink the Possible:
Social, Mobile, and the Flipped Classroom
Jon Moser 
Share, Learn, Grow:
Three Independent School Models for 
Summer Learning

Natalie Celeste-Heffernan, Terry Lipford,
Holly Moten Fidler, Camille Seals 
Slides | Amir Idris | North Star Collaborative | 
Summer Learning Video
Cultural Literacy: Teaching Smart Kids to 
Outsmart Unhealthy Cultural Values
Catherine Steiner-Adair  
 Teaching and America's Future
Linda Darling-Hammond  
Pay Matters
Dan Moulthrop  
Slides | American Teacher Movie Trailer

 Building a Better Teacher:
Obstacles and Pathways
Kevin Alin, Caroline Borrow, Michael Buescher,
Elizabeth Green, Sara Humphrey-Bekhouche  

 Can Leadership Be Taught?
Caroline Blatti, Ted Fish 
The Horizons Model: Helping Schools Create 
and Sustain Meaningful Public-Private Partnerships
Janet Hartwell, Lorna Smith 
Slides | NBC Story 
What's Right for Our Children:
Saving Cleveland's Schools
Eric Gordon, Russ Mitchell, Monyka Price,
David Quolke, Helen Williams   

 Cross-Cultural Competency in Independent Schools:
The New Diversity Work
Gene Batiste  

The Innovative Pathway to School Improvement
Jim Shelton  
Excellence Through Equity: 
The Philosophy, Policy,

and Practice Behind Finland's 
Rise to Prominence 
as the West's 
Reigning Superpower

Anu Partanen  

Creating a Community of Health: An Imperative in
Educational Reform and Innnovation
Michelle Del Toro, Bill Kitson, Sharon Sobol Jordan,
Neil Quinn, Christie Walters Stover
presented by Oswald Companies  

 The Big Shifts in Education
Pat Bassett 
Education Innovation Summit 2012 
Attendees' Perspectives
produced by The Civic Commons 


Shaker Heights, Ohio Girls K-12 Coed Early Childhood

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