In Focus: Growing Up Girl

Photo III students were asked to examine what it meant to be an adolescent girl growing up at this point and time in society. Students were asked to examine the challenges and opportunities they faced. The following questions were used as bouncing boards for their insights and solutions to this challenge.

  • What pressures surround young women?
  • How do you find balance in your life?
  • What are your dreams and aspirations?
  • What road blocks do young women encounter?
  • What new thresholds are in front of you? Which ones did you just pass?
  • How do you feel the media and marketing impact the way girls grow up today?

What resulted are the heartfelt answers to the complex questions and challenges that young women of the 21st century face.

Some of the images are scary, others inspirational or touching. What emerges from this body of work is the clear voice and personal interpretations to the challenging question: "What is it like to be growing up girl today?"

Growing Up GirlGrowing Up GirlGrowing Up Girl

Growing Up GirlGrowing Up Girl


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