• Photo I is a full-year introductory course. Students will become proficient in the medium of black-and-white photography. They will learn how to use 35mm cameras, process black-and-white film and make their own black-and-white prints in the darkroom.
    • The first semester of Photo I is skill-oriented. While the students are acquiring the essential skills, the concept of what makes a creative and expressive photograph will be introduced. Each of the first semester assignments will contain at least one technical and one creative objective to be mastered.
    • The second semester of Photo I is devoted to improving the students' image making. The students will work on becoming more selective in their choice of subject matter and their interpretation of that subject matter. They will be asked to produce photographs that are expressive and informative. The goal of this semester is to have the students become more independent in their image making. 
  • Photo II is a full-year course that stresses the finer points of the medium.
    • During the first semester of Photo II, the students will be asked to define their technical skills, develop their ability to judge and analyze data and control the image making process so that their photographs are unique and self-expressive. Experimentation will play a larger role in the first semester of this course.
    • The second semester of Photo II will be devoted to developing the students' unique photographic style while maintaining technical excellence in their work. The students will be asked to pursue areas of interest in depth, leading to the creation of some meaningful and powerful work.
  • Photo III is designed for the serious photography student who has completed Photo I and Photo II. This full-year course stresses the mastery of the photographic process.
    • Students are given assignments that push their competence and satisfy their individual interests. As a group, we will decide what technical area we want to pursue. Projects are then created and assigned.
    • The goal of this course is to offer these advanced students the opportunity to put together a highly individualized portfolio of superior quality.
    • Another aspect of this course is to expose the students to current work that is being produced by local and national artists. The whole class will visit galleries and museums frequently to see current exhibitions. We will then discuss what we have seen. 
    • It is important that our advanced students are exposed to current art and develop the ability to comment on what they have seen. Photo III is an opportunity for the dedicated photography student to find her voice as an independent artist.
    • In Focus: Growing Up Girl

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