At the Middle School, technology is an important tool in the learning process for all subject areas. By the end of Middle School, students have been instructed in the use of all major software applications and the use of other technologies, such as iPads, digital cameras, scanners and video production.

Each Middle School student has daily access to their own iPad as an organizational and personal productivity tool. Fifth and sixth grade students meet regularly in the computer lab, and all students have access to computers and other technologies.

In addition to the Middle School computer lab, there is also a roving laptop cart that teachers can sign out to bring into their classrooms. Every Middle School student and faculty member has his or her own HB e-mail address.

Fifth and Sixth Grade

The fifth and sixth grade technology class focuses on coding, keyboarding, creativity, and connection. Students in fifth and sixth grades begin the year by sharpening their keyboarding skills as a means of enhancing their work in other subject areas. Coding is becoming another “language” that students are required to understand, and students are exposed to computer science concepts through a variety of iPad and computer applications.

It is essential that students are exposed to the field of computer science as it is foundational in transforming the way a student thinks about the world. It not only teaches them about technology, it also teaches them how to think differently about any problem. In addition, iPads and computers are used to complete class assignments, create spreadsheets, run simulations, research, write, practice and create class projects. With a focus on creativity and connections, many multimedia software applications are introduced and mastered. These programs include PowerPoint, Keynote, digital photography and digital video software. Appropriate email and Internet use are also discussed.

Seventh and Eighth Grade

For students in the seventh and eighth grade, the use of technology continues to support and enhance work in every subject area. Students continue to use publishing and multimedia software on their iPads and desktop and laptop computers, while further enhancing their understanding of the basic applications of word processing, spreadsheets and presentation tools. More sophisticated programs are utilized within various classrooms.


The iPad has offered exciting new ways to use technology in the classroom and meet the demands of the Middle School curriculum. Learn more about the Middle School Technology Initiative at

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