Field Trips

Class Trips and Field Trips

Learning is enhanced for our students through visits to museums, farms, plays, concerts and other areas of interest throughout the greater Cleveland area and beyond. We feel that trips are a valuable teaching aid and help support the curriculum in unique and fun ways. Below is a sampling of some recent field trips:

  • HB kindergartners recently completed a unit on farms. They made several field trips to visit farms and to learn about crops that are grown there, such as pumpkins, potatoes and raspberries.

  • First Grade makes a visit to the Health Museum during their unit on wellness and nutrition. The girls are able to practice what they learn in our dining room and take those lessons home to their families.

  • The Second Grade visits Dunham Tavern Museum. They explore what life was like in Cleveland in the early 1800s. They tour the house, see examples of early transportation and learn about the farm and its products. They even try their hand at stenciling with paint, a method that was used to decorate the original walls of the tavern.

  • Each winter Third Grade students make the trek to downtown Cleveland to visit the Federal Reserve. This trip is a culminating activity for a study of the U.S. government and the structure of the financial market.

  • Each spring the Fourth Grade students study about the Shaker religion and people. In May, they visit the restored Shaker Village in Pleasant Hill, Kentucky, to live the life of a Shaker. At the completion of the unit the girls share Shaker songs and dances with the rest of the Primary School


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