Science & Health

Primary School


 The Primary School science curriculum develops in each girl an understanding of science concepts and processes essential in today's global society.



  • The curriculum conveys the importance of science in everyday life and provides an environment where problem solving and critical thinking are nourished. We seek to challenge the mind of each individual, offering a wide variety of investigative science opportunities.

  • Teachers build upon the natural curiosity of young students and instill a love of science through exploration of scientific topics.

  • Students develop the ability to communicate methods and solutions and seek to observe and report accurately. Experiences in the lab foster curiosity about the world and the skills and desire to discover the unknown.

  • The scientific method and the skills of observation, recording data, making predictions, and synthesizing information are integrated throughout units of study.

  • A rich field trip program and extensive use of outdoor areas reinforce and extend the classroom learning experiences.

  • Students are exposed to many ways of learning in all domains of science: nonfiction reading, experiments, projects, writing, discussion, websites, technology, and peer presentations. The goal is to instill in each student a love of science and the desire to become a scientifically literate citizen.


Primary School

Health Education

  • The Primary School Health curriculum provides opportunities for students to explore the physical, social, mental, and emotional aspects of a healthy life.

  • We convey current information on health issues and promote student accountability in the health choices they make. The curriculum provides learning opportunities that develop knowledge and attitudes about health concepts, leading to the acceptance of healthy life patterns.

  • An age-appropriate understanding of how our bodies work is a key component of the learning.

  • We encourage goal setting in the areas of nutrition, and fitness, so students will value health maintenance as a lifelong responsibility.

  • Students are also provided information in health areas including nutrition, diseases, physical fitness, consumer products, chemical use/abuse, safety and first aid, so they are able to make informed choices about their own health.

  • A variety of modalities are used including nonfiction reading, websites, videos, dramatizations, self reflective writing, discussion, and presentations.

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