Primary School

Social Studies

The Primary School seeks to foster in the minds of HB students a passion for learning and a devotion to good character and service to society. As methods and materials are selected, and topics are considered for inclusion, special attention is given to ensuring the curriculum helps students develop an understanding and appreciation of the many dimensions of our diverse world.

The Primary School Social Studies Curriculum:

  • helps students develop the ability to make informed and reasoned decisions for themselves and for the common good.
  • prepares students for their roles as citizens and decision makers in a diverse, democratic society.
  • enables students to learn about significant people, places, events, and issues in the past in order to understand the present.
  • fosters students' ability to act responsibly and become successful problem solvers in an interdependent world of limited and unequally-distributed resources.

In support of the State of Ohio Social Studies Content Standards, the Primary School curriculum integrates history, geography, economics, political science, the other social sciences, the humanities and the sciences in order to prepare students to be participating citizens and leaders for the 21st century.


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