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Our Primary School mathematics program is designed to develop strong and deep mathematical thinkers who are at ease with the "big problems" and willing to accept the challenge of thinking outside the box. Our core curriculum, Bridges Mathematics presents material that is linguistically, visually and kinesthetically stimulating and mathematically powerful. The curricular components of our mathematics program provides numerous opportunities for students to explore innovative challenges and a rich variety of experiences while meeting the instructional needs of all learners. Our goal is to instill in the students a lifelong passion and appreciation for mathematics as a tool for solving problems and interpreting events in their daily lives, while supporting the goals and standards outlined by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics and State Learning Standards.

The Primary School Mathematics program:

  • is designed to engage students in making sense out of numbers and to foster their ability to reason mathematically.

  • builds mathematical confidence and ability by engaging girls conceptually through exploration, investigation and atriculation of thought.      
  • balances theory with developing the mathematical skills children need to make informed decisions, atriculate sound strategies, learn from each other and think flexibly about practical tasks and real life problems.
  • provides numerous opportunities for students to devise innovative and creative solutions to challenging problems as well as develop an array of problem solving strategies and an ability to use numbers flexibly.

  • offers a rich array of resources and activities that address multiple modalities and include the use of manipulatives and technology.

  • requires that girls learn to explain their mathematical thinking verbally and in written form using appropriate mathematical vocabulary.

  • provides opportunities that focus on what we know about how girls learn including collaborative problem-solving techniques, small group discussions, active listening, partner sharing, and games that reinforce concepts, in addition to large group lessons.

  • provides regular opportunities for Math Talks where each voice is heard, predictions are made and discoveries abound.              
  • engages girls at all levels of conceptual understanding and challenges each girl as they further develop their number sense and a love of mathematical thinking.

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