Sample Workshop Descriptions

Take the Stage!, An Actor's Workshop Have you ever imagined your name in bright lights on Broadway? Do you like being on stage and making people laugh? Then this workshop is for you! We will begin by exploring fun exercises that will challenge your mind and refine your acting skills. Then you will get a chance to put those skills to work when you audition for a part in a skit that you and your fellow actors will perform at the end of the summer.  Once you are cast in a role, you will use your creativity to decide how your character thinks, acts, and even dresses!  You will also learn about the process of putting on a play.  So don't be shy - take the stage! Learn to use your creativity and imagination to explore the world of acting.

Mock Trial: You Be the Law Are you interested in the law? Have you ever wondered what it’s like to sit in a courtroom and play a part in a big-time trial?  The Mock Trial workshop will give you both the skills and the opportunity to be the next hot-shot attorney or electrifying star witness! The workshop will start with the basics, teaching you how to act and talk like real lawyers and witnesses. The workshop will teach you and your teammates how to craft a case strategy and see to it that justice is done. If you’re on the defense, will you successfully defend your client so that she is not wrongly imprisoned?  If you’re on the prosecution, will you be able to stop a guilty criminal from hitting the streets?  To find out, take the Mock Trial workshop!

A Time to Dance – Do you like to dance? Did you know that every time you dance, your body is telling a story? In this interpretive dance workshop, we will explore how dance can be used to tell stories, define words and express every feeling that you have from happiness to sadness. You will use your creativity and imagination to choreograph, stage, and perform your very own interpretive dance piece. In this workshop, we’ll turn words into movement, and learn how dance can be used as a form of expression. So, if you like to dance, if you like to create, if you live to have fun, then this is the workshop for you.

Bright, Bold, Beautiful, Brilliant: Bags sewn, woven, and designed by you! --Ribbons are no longer only for gift wrapping and ponytails.  Now you can make a purse with them!  Pick out several patterns and colors of ribbons to create a unique bag for your bubblegum, pens, house keys, and other trinkets you like to carry with you.  We will weave the ribbons of your choice into a rectangular pattern and then learn to use a sewing machine to stitch the ribbon together into a bag of your own.  Anyone willing to weave and psyched to sew is welcome.

¡Una Fiesta de Idioma y Culturas: An Introduction to Latin-American and Spanish Culture and LanguageHave you ever wanted to learn a different language?  Or explore a new culture?  In this learning "fiesta", you will learn about the different holidays that are celebrated throughout the Latin-American world.  You'll make (and eat!) authentic Spanish and Latin-American dishes, and experience the art and music of Latin-America in an interactive way.  You will also be introduced to the Spanish language.  By the end of the workshop, you will be able to introduce yourself to others, order a meal, and say the alphabet, all in Spanish!

Welcome to the Wilderness:  An Introduction to Outdoor Survival Skills What would it take to spend a night in the woods, away from all signs of civilization? How would you cook without a kitchen, stay warm and dry without a house, and find your way when all you can see is trees in every direction? Don't spend too much time inside this summer--here is your chance to prove that you are hard-core enough for an adventure!  We'll start out by learning how to navigate without getting lost in the wilderness:  how to follow a topographic map (which shows the sizes and shapes of mountains on a flat sheet of paper) and how to figure out where we are on a map with a compass and a GPS device (which communicates with satellites in space to find out where you are).  Once we know we won't get lost, we can learn how to set up camp and make the woods as comfortable as a five-star hotel!  We'll prepare (and eat) delicious meals on a stove the size of a flowerpot, pitch tents to keep out the rain, hang our food to keep bears and rodents away, and learn how to avoid getting struck by lightning!  At the end of the summer, we'll have a chance to test our skills on a day trip to a local wilderness area.  Are you up for the challenge?

Adventures in Art – Do you like to have fun? Do you love art? No previous experience needed come aboard for this fun and interactive trip. This is not your normal art class, if you are ready to dive in and get messy, this workshop is for you! We will splatter paint, create murals, and do some unconventional art projects while learning about the artists who have influenced these art forms. Get ready for an amazing ride!

Detention Jam – You better be on your worst behavior in this classroom, because silence and respect for classroom materials just won't cut it. Here, you are a drummer with an attitude; you and your friends tap your pencils, shred your homework, and slam your textbooks on the floor. Each person in the classroom has her own rhythm, and together, your drum beats form a musical skit. Come prepared with a pencil and a love for music and acting. Sick of boring classes and strict teachers? Join the class where the students rock it out.

Konnichiwa Japan – What comes to your mind when you think about Japan? Sushi? Samurai? Anime? Take this class to learn about this island-nation on the other side of the world. We will study basic conversational Japanese so you have something to show off to your next Japanese friend. You will also learn how to write your name and a word of your choosing in traditional Japanese calligraphy. In addition, we will watch and discuss a famous and popular anime, examine the unique Peace Article in Japan’s Constitution, discuss certain historical events as well as contemporary issues in Japan, and celebrate a Japanese holiday. And yes, we will make sushi.

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