Student and Family Commitment

 Attendance and participation at Aspire is mandatory.

  • Students who join Aspire are expected to bring the very best of who they are to the program and participate fully in Aspire events.
  • Families are strongly discouraged from planning events or trips during the summer session and on Year Round event days throughout the year.
  • Each student agrees to attend summer sessions after fifth, sixth and seventh grade.
  • In addition, Aspire students must attend year round events that are held between summer sessions. 
  • After graduating, Aspire students are expected to maintain ties to the Aspire Alumnae Association by attending alumnae events and providing updates regarding school progress.   

Families and guardians are asked to support their daughters throughout the Aspire process.

  • This support begins with the completion of a family statement and an interview. 
  • Families are invited to visit the program and attend special events. All parents are included in a Student Orientation, a Parent Night, and Closing Ceremony.  
  • Aspire families are asked to help their daughters honor their commitment to Aspire by helping the girls attend all events and uphold all Aspire responsibilities through college graduation.
  • In return, families receive specific feedback and regular communication (written comments, newsletters) from Aspire faculty about their daughter's progress.  This partnership is important at Aspire because families play a crucial role in the girls' success.

Aspire has been fully funded, so there is no cost to attend the program. Included are instruction, supplies, and special events.  

Shaker Heights, Ohio Girls K-12 Coed Early Childhood

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