Message from the Director

Since 2001, Aspire has been invested in teaching girls that there is a powerful lesson to be learned in every failure and through every achievement; at Aspire, we celebrate them all. We are ambitious, we work hard and push ourselves to create unforgettable academic experiences and lasting community moments. Every moment is an opportunity for learning and there is a lesson built into everything that we do. We seek to prepare young women to successfully set a goal. We want to teach Aspire girls how to feel the current of their lives, how to keep track of how far they’ve gone and how far they have yet to go. We want them to recognize the changes in pattern in their own lives and learn how to make a plan to respond. We want them to be the captains of their own ships.

We are also committed to providing a rich internship experience to young people considering careers in education.  At Aspire, high school, college and graduate students have the opportunity to hone their skills and fall in love with the craft of teaching.  It is as unique an experience as it is life changing. Exploring, discovering and learning together, each cohort has helped to shape the trajectory of academic classes, workshops and teacher training at Aspire.  

I am so thankful that you have taken the time to connect with Aspire.  By learning more about Aspire, applying to attend, or seeking the opportunity to teach, you have become an important part of transforming the lives of girls in the Cleveland area and the futures of aspiring young educators.  

I look forward to having the chance to work with you as Aspire continues to be a place where young women learn to lead and people learn to teach.  


Camille J.L. Seals, Director

Shaker Heights, Ohio Girls K-12 Coed Early Childhood

19600 North Park Boulevard Shaker Heights, Ohio 44122 P: 216.932.4214
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