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Legacy Program 

Hathaway Brown's Legacy Program builds on the class color tradition to foster a stronger sense of full-school community and to create connections, friendships and camaraderie across divisions. At the core of the Legacy Program is service, sisterhood and school spirit. The Legacy Program is centered around "legacy groups," sets of mixed-age students, teachers, administrators, and support staff. Specific legacy events are held throughout the school year including a Legacy Day at the beginning of each school year, and legacy groups gather for various traditional school events and activities. These legacy groups are part of the way one belongs to the Hathaway Brown community, strengthening sisterhood while giving all the members of our diverse community a common experience. This program is a hallmark of the Hathaway Brown experience and will resonate with students and community members long after they have left the Hathaway Brown community.

Legacy Groups

The Legacy Program consists of five different groups each affiliated by class color - Blue, Purple, Green, Red and Rainbow. The Legacy color corresponds to the traditional class color for students. Faculty are assigned to a specific legacy group and stay with that same legacy group for their tenure.

The Five Legacy Groups for the 2014-2015 school year are the following:

Blue Legacy Group: 10th, 6th, and 2nd
Purple Legacy Group: 9th, 5th and 1st
Green Legacy Group: 12th, 8th and 4th
Red Legacy Group: 11th, 7th and 3rd
Rainbow Legacy Group: All Infant and Toddler Center, Early Childhood and Kindergarten students and faculty & staff

Each of the five legacy groups consists of approximately 190 students and 25 faculty and staff. Each of the five color groups are further divided into 14 smaller legacy groups consisting of 15 people. These small groups include students from three divisions and are a home for students outside of their classrooms, advisor groups and mentor groups.

Legacy Day

Legacy Days in 2015-2016 are Friday, September 25, 2015 and Friday, May 27, 2016. On these days the entire school will gather together in their legacy groups to celebrate school unity. We will work on service projects together that will benefit the greater Cleveland community.

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