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HBBH Week 5 Newsletter
Posted 07/13/2017 06:33AM

HBBH Newsletter- Week 5

Camp Notes:

Please stay in your cars during pick-up time and a camp faculty member will come to your car.  If you need to get out of your car, please park legally do not disrupt the traffic flow.  

Attention parents/guardians of Early Childhood campers!  Tomorrow, please join us to celebrate the EC kids with a picnic.  Bring a lunch and a blanket for a picnic by the fountain.  Please enter through the Courtland entrance and then proceed to the fountain.  We hope to see you at 11:15am tomorrow, July 13th!

Movement: This week, campers created movements using plastic bags.  Some campers used the bag like a volleyball, others threw the bag and then danced underneath it as it swirled back to the ground, while others used the bag as a decoration. The youngest campers listened to a book featuring paintings of ballerinas by Degas.  They then emulated the moves of the ballerinas from the book.

Lanyard:  Campers continue to practice and perfect a variety of lanyard stitches.  This week, many campers moved on to the intermediate stitches, such as the Corkscrew, DNA, and Quad, while others tried some of the advanced stitches, like the Braided Ladder.

Duckland:  This week, the campers heard the story, I Wish That I Had Duck Feet, and then transformed themselves into ducks!  They made the transformation by making duck crowns and their very own duck feet.  

Fairymaids:  Campers transformed their legs into beautiful mermaid legs!  They painted their legs after learning about the different kinds of scales mermaids have and accented their scales with different colors, and of course, magical fairy dust.  

Escapades:   It was all about sweets this week in Escapades!  Campers made can cakes and then decorated their cakes with frosting in hand-crafted shades.  Afterward, campers walked over to Ben and Jerry’s and enjoyed some delicious ice cream to complete their sugar coma!

Quick Bites: A classic camp favorite was made in Quick Bites this week!  Campers used tortillas, cinnamon, and sugar to make their own cinnamon crisps.  Easy and delicious!

Challenge: Campers continue to push their own limits in Challenge.  Older campers continue to try their hand at climbing and have found a new sense of strength (both physical and mental) they didn’t know they had!

Improv: Campers created their own plays this week.  However, they used spinners to dictate who the character was, the setting, and the problem the character faced.  Once the spinners told them what their play was about, then they used their creativity to make the play.  

Fun and Games:  Hoop, there it is!  This week was all about hula hoops.  Campers used hula hoops in a variety of ways for multiple different games and challenges.  

Table Top Challenges:  In Table Top Challenges, campers have access to various games, including cards, puzzles, math games, collaborative games, and board games.  The focus this week was being able to work together during a game and trying games for the first time.

Discovery: It was a magic-themed Discovery class this week!  Campers created a toy that floated a ping pong ball and really looked like a magic trick.  Then, campers tested the difference between slime made with liquid starch and slime made with Borax to determine which was better.  The consensus was that liquid starch created the best slime!  The highlight, however, was making Harry Potter’s favorite drink: Butter Beer.  The campers found it so much fun and to make and even more delicious to drink!

Ink: Campers worked on their letter identification and recognition through fishing.  But they didn’t catch any fish.  Instead, they went fishing for different letters!  What a fun way to practice their knowledge of the letters of the alphabet.  Some groups also created some beautiful name art.

Minute to Win it: This week, some campers continued the cookie challenge from last week, where they had to get a cookie from their head to their mouth without the use of their hands.  Other campers worked on brain boggling challenges.  These included riddles and logic puzzles.  

Be-You-Tiful:  Nailed it! This week was all about nails.  Campers used clear nail polish and eye shadow to create their own custom-designed nail polish shades.  After making their nail polish, campers shared their special shades with each other and had a fun nail painting party!

Razzle Dazzle:  This week was all about toys.  Campers created two different toys: one that magically floated a ping pong ball and one that was a rocket out of straws.

Art:  Campers used tissue paper this week to make beautiful paintings.  By peeling off the tissue paper and leaving the color behind, they could then use the color to paint with.  This is called bleeding tissue paper.  It sounds creepy but looks beautiful!

Maker Space:  Campers continued working on the t-shirt bags they created last week.  Some of the campers finished making the bags, while others added pizzazz to their bags with decorations.  Look for these great and useful bags coming home!

Kindergarten: What a fun week!  The kindergarten campers had a blast in art making beautiful creations out of tissue paper, transforming themselves into ducks during Duckland, and working on their lip sync performance.  Another highlight this week was watching the magic show.  What a great week!

The three-year olds (Koala Bears):  Have you ever eaten mud?  Well, this week, the campers did.  Not real mud, of course, but mud pies!  This was a great way to top off our exploration of bugs this week, which we will continue next week.  We read great bug stories and learned about lots of different kinds of bugs.  Next week, we will go bug hunting to find bugs to observe!

The four-year olds (Giraffes and Elephants): Campers had a great week!  Our special craft this week was making beautiful butterflies out of beads.  They almost looked like they could just fly away!  The tasty treat this week was ice cream sandwiches, but without the ice cream!  Campers used with graham crackers and whip cream to create this yummy, special treat.

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