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HBBH Week 3 Newsletter
Posted 06/29/2017 06:36AM

HBBH Newsletter- Week 3

Camp Notes:

Please stay in your cars during pick-up time and a camp faculty member will come to your car.  If you need to get out of your car, please park legally do not disrupt the traffic flow.  

Also, please make sure you send your child to camp with a lunch, if not purchasing one from the school, and a water bottle labeled with your child’s name.  

Movement:  This week, we focused on the difference between active and static moves.  First, campers learned the difference between the two kinds of movements and then practiced different active and static movements.  The youngest campers had fun hearing a clue describing an animal and once they figured out what the animal was, they had to move like that animal.  There were some great moo-vements!

Lanyard:  We focused on mastering the box and barrel stitches this week.  Some girls used their skills and creativity to work on more complicated lanyards, such as the Corkscrew, DNA, and many more!

Duckland:  Campers listened to the story Q is for Duck.  This is anything but your traditional alphabet book!  Campers had to guess why each letter was associated with a topic.  Then, campers made their own ducks out of the letter “D”.  

Fairymaids:  The fairy/mermaids went on a search and were rewarded with their very own special mermaid pets.  The mermaids also left them magical mermaid dust.  They enjoyed their mermaid magic all day!

Escapades:   The sixth, seventh, and eighth graders spent the day canoeing at Camp High.  Despite some encounters with nature’s scarier creatures, everyone enjoyed the two mile canoe ride.  Even the cooler weather didn’t dampen the fun!

Quick Bites:  This week’s treat was a traditional camp favorite: edible cookie dough!  The recipe has all the ingredients of typical, yummy cookie dough, but without the eggs.  This makes is delicious and safe to eat.

Challenge:  The challenge this week was the Wild Woozy.  Older campers have been doing challenges high up in the trees.  So far, they have completed the Burma Bridge and the Two Line.  This week, they moved on to the Cat Walk, which is a log suspended between two trees about 35 feet off the ground.  Wow!

Improv: Campers took a break from Improv week, but look forward to more theatrical fun in the weeks to come!

Fun and Games:  This week’s games were Captain’s Quarters and the classic Scream and Run.  Campers could be heard all over the campus while playing the latter game!  

Table Top Challenges:  In Table Top Challenges, campers have access to various games, including cards, puzzles, math games, collaborative games, and board games.  The focus this week was being able to work together during a game and trying games for the first time.

Discovery: Campers this week had a lot of sweet fun in Discovery.  First, they made vanilla cupcake lip gloss, which smelled (and tasted) just like a vanilla cupcake!  Then, made S’mores.  No, not over a campfire, but in the oven!  While the S’mores were cooking, campers made their own ankle bracelets.  

Ink: Young campers had so much fun this week practicing the letters of the alphabet.  Then, they had to feed different letters to the letter monster!  And the monster was very hungry!

Minute to Win it: This week, campers engaged in team-building activities that required ingenuity and creativity.  They were put in groups and had to build the highest tower they could using square blocks.  Campers had a blast trying to use their knowledge of strong structures to make their tower higher than the group next to them!

Be-You-Tiful:  Words and actions are powerful.  Often we talk about this power when it hurts someone else’s feelings.  However, this week, campers learned how to use this power in a positive way.  Campers decorated post-it notes with kind words and pictures and placed them on random campers’ lockers.  Hearing the surprise and excitement on campers throughout the week when they found these fun notes on their locker!

Razzle Dazzle:  Campers made a sweet treat for their lips this week.  They made vanilla cupcake lip gloss using beeswax, Vaseline, vanilla, honey, and sprinkles.  Yum!

Art:  Campers harnessed their creativity this week in art by making collages.  Some of the materials they had access to were tissue paper and clothes hanger clips.  Watching the wide variety of collages that emerged was exciting and inspiring!

Maker Space:  In the Maker Space this week, campers used old tiles, CDs, and Sharpies to create personalized tile decorations.  Campers made everything from their names to mandalas.  Such creativity!  

Kindergarten:  This week, the kindergartners had fun working on their lip sync, going to Fairymaids and finding the mermaid treasure chests, and making creative paper plate art!

The three-year olds (Koala Bears):  This week was all about the Fourth of July.  We read books about our independence and made two sets of fireworks.  One used red and blue paint, and the second used glue and food coloring.  Our culminating activity was making festive popsicles!

The four-year olds (Giraffes and Elephants): We celebrated and learned about the Fourth of July!  We made beautiful firework art work using straws and our special treat was making firework cookies.  What a festive week!

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