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HBBH Week 5 Newsletter
Posted 07/22/2016 11:28AM

HBBH Newsletter- Week 5


Camp Notes:

Please stay in your cars during pick-up time and a camp faculty member will come to your car.  If you need to get out of your car, please park legally to not disrupt the traffic flow. 


Also, please make sure you send your child to camp with a lunch, if not purchasing one from the school, and a water bottle labeled with your child’s name.  Hathaway Brown is a peanut-free environment, so we ask your help by trying to eliminate any nut products from your child’s lunch.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation in our effort to keep every camper safe and healthy.


Hard to believe, but next week is the final week of camp!  You are all invited to attend the annual Lip Sync, which will occur at 2pm outside HB by the fountain and turf field.  If you are unable to make it, no worries!  I’m sure your campers would love to give you a private performance.


Movement: Campers are always moving in this class! This week, we went outside and jumped rope.  Some groups also asked for help and time to work on their Lip Sync performance for next week.


Lanyard:  Campers continue to hone their lanyard skills.  They are working on everything from the basic zipper, to advanced stitches such as the Fluted Columns, and even coming up with their own!


Duckland:  This week we played a waddle relay race.  Campers used “waddle helpers” (AKA rubber bands) to keep their feet in the proper waddling position.  They then waddled for a short distance and tried to make “duck baskets”.  It was a blast!


Fairyland: The fairies in training had to find the Tree of No Color where their magical invisibility cloaks were waiting for them.  Then, they got to add magical colors and fairy dust to personalize this cloak. 


Mermaids:  The mermaids in training had to find the Tree of No Color where their magical invisibility cloaks were waiting for them.  Then, they got to add magical colors and mermaid dust to personalize this cloak. 


Urban Adventures:  Campers went on their third and final off-campus field trip this week.  They played Whirley Ball and Laser Tag.  The campers especially loved Laser Tag!  They bonded with each other over friendly competition and lots of laughs.


Edible Concoctions:  The delicious treat created this week in Edible Concoctions was edible cookie dough.  The campers loved that they could finally eat the cookie dough without being scolded about the danger of raw eggs!

Challenge:  This week in Challenge, campers continued to take on a variety of difficult activities that relied on team work, courage, and balance.  The campers are doing a terrific job conquering anything thrown their way!

Improv: Campers had to become great listeners and practice their summarizing skills this week!  They played Half Life.  First, a camper would come up with a full-length skit. Then, they would need to perform it in half the time.  After that, they had to perform it again in half the time as before, etc.  So fun!


Games:  Campers played a wide variety of games this week.  The youngest campers learned how to play Duck, Duck, Goose!  They had a great time.


Table Top Challenges:  In Table Top Challenges, campers have access to various games, including cards, puzzles, math games, collaborative games, and board games.  The focus this week was being able to work together during a game and trying games for the first time.


Discovery: This week’s theme was a day at the beach.  Campers made homemade Snickerdoodle cookies, homemade ice cream using ice, half and half, and plastic bags.  After the festive treats, the girls hand decorated shells.


Ink: Campers played a wide variety of letter and word games this week.  Some of the games were Apples to Apples, Letter Bingo, Catch Phrase, and Bananagrams.


Friendship bracelets:  Instead of focusing on one stitch this week, campers could make any stitch they wanted.  At the end of camp, they are going to donate the bracelets made during the last two weeks of camp to Family Promise of Greater Cleveland.  Girls are learning that they can be good friends to people they don’t even know!


Spa:  This week, campers made soap ball using crushed up soap and oats.  It was a fun craft to make that will help keep them clean and smelling like a rose!


Art:  The theme this week was friendship through art.  Campers picked a friend and had to study them carefully to make a portrait of that friend.  Once complete, they gave their friend the portrait as a gift of friendship.


Reclaim:  The younger campers made spinners out of cardboard and string, while the older campers used yarn for their creations.  Campers came up with creative ways to use their yarn, including knitting and finger weaving.


Kindergarten:  The kindergarteners enjoyed a wide variety of activities and classes this week.  Some of their favorites were Duckland, Fairlyand, and Cooking Concoctions.


The three-year olds (France and Italy):  We lived the butterfly life this week!  We read stories, sang songs, and made crafts featuring butterflies.  The campers even went on an adventure looking for butterflies in our garden.  For a festive treat, we made mud pies, which the campers loved!


The four-year olds (Japan and India): The four-year olds had a great time this week making popsicles, playing with bean bags, and running through the sprinklers.  Another favorite activity was making beaded necklaces.

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