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Broad Horizons Week 5 Newsletter
Posted 07/17/2015 12:52PM

HBBH Newsletter- Week 5


Camp Notes:

Please stay in your cars during pick-up time and a camp faculty member will come to your car.  If you need to get out of your car, please park legally do not disrupt the traffic flow. 


Also, please make sure you send your child to camp with a lunch, if not purchasing one from the school, and a water bottle labeled with your child’s name.  If packing a lunch that requires utensils, please include them as we do not always have extras to give.  Also, please remind your camper that there is to be no sharing of food with other campers.


Next week is Lip Sync!  You are invited to attend the annual Lip Sync performance on the last day of camp, Thursday, July 23rd.  The performance will begin at 2:00pm, so you should arrive around 1:45pm to ensure you are here for the start of the performance.


Music:  Campers continued to explore the magical world of music.  They engaged with different musical instruments, songs, and used props and movement to express themselves, too.  This week, campers chose a pop song and then used different movements to keep the beat.


Lanyard:  Girls are mastering their basic lanyard skills, and some girls are challenging themselves by working on more complicated lanyards, such as the Corkscrew, DNA, and many more!


Duckland:  This week, we read Q is for Duck.  The campers used their logical reasoning to decode the riddles of each letter of the alphabet.  We then made our own duck crowns and became queens of Duckland!


Fairyland:  The fairies channeled their inner fairy queens and created beautiful and decorative fairy crowns.  The flowers might even attract some fairies!


Mermaids:  The mermaids-in-training went diving for magical water bottles this week.  They then embellished them with a variety of magic, including magical colors, and magical dust.  This magic can be used against any enemies they might encounter!


Urban Adventures:  The campers harnessed their inner chefs this week as they created their own pizzas.  They had access to a wide variety of ingredients, some of which they combined in unique ways!  Others, chose to take a creative approach to their pizza dough, molding it into different shapes, such as hearts.  Most of all, they were delicious!


Edible Concoctions:  This week, campers made a classic snack: Rice Krispie treats.  Sometimes a challenge to stir all the ingredients, campers got in a good arm workout and enjoyed these tasty treats.


Challenge:  This week, campers went “Whale Watching.”  No, not at the ocean!  This was a challenging activity that tested campers’ communication, listening, and patience.  Campers needed to listen to one voice and move together in order to accomplish the task.


Improv:  Campers in improve needed to use their creativity to act out an entire play based on only one sentence stories.  Given only one sentence, campers had to come up with their own details to create a full play.  This was tough sometimes, but really fun!


Games:  Younger campers played the fun and classic game, Red Light, Green Light, while the older campers played another classic, Dodge Ball!


Table Top Challenges:  In Table Top Challenges, campers have access to various games, including cards, puzzles, math games, collaborative games, and board games.  The games of the week were Yahtzee and Uno.  These games focused on number sense and logical reasoning.


Crafts:  Campers created adorable clothespin dolls.  These dolls had decorations that included feathers and yarn.  The older campers pampered themselves by doing paraffin wax hand molds.


Ink: Younger campers went on letter and color scavenger hunts, while the older campers utilized their vocabulary and creativity to play Catch Phrase.


Spa:  Campers learned how to relieve tension from their hands at the end of the day by being taught how to give hand massages.  After their relaxing hand massages, they laid down and through guided meditation found their zen place, while they had cucumbers on their eyes. 


Art:  Campers at all ages used their creativity and artistic ability to create and finish amazing art pieces!  The Kindergarteners did water balloon painting, while the First graders finished making their journals from last week.  The Second graders finished their decoupaged flowers, and the remainder of the campers finished their water colors from the other week by mounting and framing them.


Recycle:  After five weeks of guided instruction and specific activities, campers were given the control this week to create their own pieces using the recycled materials available.  While challenging for some girls to create without a given direction, others were thrilled to have total creative control.


Kindergarten (Mouse Trap):  The kindergartners continued to have fun at camp.  They participated in a wide variety of activities, and focused on listening to and following directions.


The three-year olds (Candyland and Chutes and Ladders):  This week’s theme was lady bugs!  Campers listened to many lady bug stories, sang songs about lady bugs, and even made their own lady bugs using paper plates, black and red paint, and googly eyes.  The special snack this week was smoothies.


The four-year olds (Hi-Ho! Cherry-O and Don’t Break the Ice):  This week’s theme was farm animals.  Campers did crafts that focused on several farm animals, including pigs and sheep.  They learned about different animals that live on a farm, as well as what grows on different farms.  A special matching game using eggs also helped campers learn about and recognize different emotions.

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