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HB faculty members' presentation posted on iTunes U

“Programming Fun for Girls (and Boys)," a presentation by HB Computer Department Chair Carole Lechleitner, Worldwide Communications Center Director Barry Kallmeyer, and Upper School Computer Department Chair James Allen, is one of only 17 concurrent session and keynote speaker presentations delivered at the Ohio eTech state conference to be made available as a video podcast on Ohio’s iTunes U. The conference was held in Columbus in February.

You can find the HB vodcast by clicking on this link, which will open iTunes (if you have it installed on your computer) and allow you to download and view the presentation. In it, the HB faculty members discuss the ways in which programming is being taught in the third and fourth grades in the Primary School, and how it's addressed in the Middle School. They also emphasize the importance of focusing on STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) for students in grades K-12. Lechleitner, Kallmeyer, and Allen lend their insight and offer fellow teachers a glimpse into the special training HB students receive in programming, robotics, and computer science.