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Four HB teachers make presentations at technology conference

Six HB teachers attended this year's eTech Ohio Conference, which was held in Columbus February 1-3. Four HB faculty members also offered presentations. This is the largest number of presenters the school has had at any technology conference.

From the conference catalog, brief descriptions of the sessions that were offered by HB teachers are listed below.

Carol Sphar - Creating International Partnerships for our Youngest Global Citizens

This session will focus on how to create and sustain international classroom collaborations for our youngest global citizens. The presentation will explore available online resources for finding partners, project examples, use of inexpensive technology, and clips of student videoconferences from several different countries. A process for getting from project idea to live connections is explained.

James Allen - Practical Computer Science With Python

Students use computers all the time, but how many make their own programs? Computer programming is an important skill, and it’s easily taught with Python, a free and open source programming language. Python is used by many companies such as Google, Industrial Light and Magic, and the New York Stock Exchange. Attendees will learn the basics of Python and how it can be used in the classroom.

Carole Lechleitner – co-presenters Barry Kallmeyer and James Allen - Making Programming Fun for Girls (and Boys)

Looking for fun, creative and artistic ways to introduce programming to your elementary and middle school students, especially girls? This session will teach you how to develop students’ programming and engineering skills with PicoCrickets, Scratch and LEGO MindStorms NXT robots. A brief overview of each program and examples of student-developed programs will be shown.

Barry Kallmeyer – assisted by Carole Lechleitner and James Allen - Digital Video Projects Using Your Cameras and Cell Phones

Did you know that most digital cameras and cell phones function as a video camera? Learn how easy it is to have your students use their digital cameras or cell phones to record video and audio. The session is designed to provide attendees with an overview of how and why to use digital cameras or cell phones to record video as part of the educational process.