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HB featured artist - Jerry Zavoda

Hathaway Brown School is proud to present the work of Jerry Zavoda, a passionate painter and pastel artist. Several pieces of his art are now on display in the Middle School for all to view. Now in his third year as a bus driver at HB, Jerry is one of many talented artists in our midst.

Jerry's favorite painting compositions are vintage airplanes such as those seen at the Cleveland Air Show and vintage cars like the ones displayed at shows. Painted with acrylics, oils and pastels, his perspective often includes the view from inside the racing car or flying airplane and the surrounding landscape reflects the view from these angles. His work has been on display at a wide range of venues including Burke Lakefront Airport, the Great Lakes Science Center and in numerous private collections. He often does commissioned artwork in his favorite themes and his largest painting - of a B17 bomber - measures five feet by three feet.

Jerry started drawing airplanes as a child. As a young man employed by Penn Central Railroad, he spent long hours between duties, so to keep himself challenged he started drawing. One day at the railroad roundhouse during a 16-hour layover, he started drawing the cover of the TV Guide, which displayed the image of John Wayne. From that point forward, Jerry spent his extra time reading art books and practicing what he learned. His passion for art continued without the training of art school, and his uncle introduced him to painting. Truly a self-taught artist, his passion is evident in his paintings, which number more than 70.