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Middle School team fares well in Power of the Pen tournament
On Saturday, January 24, 2009, seventh and eighth graders from Hathaway Brown School competed against students from 16 other area schools in a district tournament held at Laurel School.

As a whole, HB's team of eighth graders was ranked second overall. Individual students also won place awards, designating them among the top 15 of the 102 eighth graders who competed. Joyce took 7th place, Hannah was ranked 8th and Lena came in 12th.

Faculty advisor Susan Levitan says that although the HB seventh grade students who participated did not take home any awards, their writing was wonderful - the best that she has seen them do - and she is hopeful that many of them will advance to the tournament's next round.

Soon, the students will learn who will be invited to take part in the regional Power of the Pen competition, which will take place at Hudson Middle School in April.

Hathaway Brown School is proud of all the students who took part in the district tournament.

7th Grade Team:
Sarah, Dhiksha, Emily, Amanda, Lizzie, Julia and Danielle (alternate)

8th Grade Team:
Joyce, Zoe, Kayleigh, Hannah, Lena, Maddie and Brenna (alternate)