Celebrating Bilingual and Multilingual HB Alumnae


Primary School Spanish Teacher Señorita Vilá Geis would love for you to share your experience learning and becoming fluent in more than one language. She intends to share submissions with both her class and in primary school assemblies. Señorita Vilá Geis feels it could be profoundly inspiring for current students to learn about your linguistic journeys and the impact of being multilingual in your personal, academic, and professional lives.  

If you feel comfortable sharing, please either answer the written prompts below or upload a short video that answers the following questions: 

  1. What is your name and when did you graduate from HB?

  2. What language/s did you and your family speak at home when growing up?

  3. How many languages do you speak now?

  4. How and when did you become fluent in ____ (non-English languages of fluency)? What were the challenges and where did you find motivation to keep learning that language/those languages along the way?

  5. How has multilingualism impacted/benefited your life?

  6. What else would you like to share with our Primary students about multilingualism and heritage languages?

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If you prefer, please upload a 1-2 min video filmed in a quiet space and on a neutral background.
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