The Barry Fund for International Travel

The family of Harriet Mullin Barry ’32 supports international, multicultural experiences for HB students and faculty in preparation to be lifelong leaders. Thomas C. Barry and Martha Barry Horsburgh ’65 established The Harriet Mullin Barry Fellowship in 2008 to honor their mother and provide international travel and research to develop informed, thoughtful, and compassionate leaders. 

About the Barry Family 

Harriet Mullin Barry (1915 - 2001) moved from Colorado Springs to Cleveland Heights with her parents in 1926. Her father, Dr. William V. Mullin, relocated to Cleveland to be one of the first ear, nose, and throat specialists at the recently-established Cleveland Clinic.

Starting 1926 and graduating in 1932, Harriet retained a lifelong loyalty to HB and its mission. Her interest in travel was initiated with a trip to Europe with her classmates. 

She graduated from Wheaton College in 1936 and returned to Cleveland for the remainder of her life. Harriet had three sons who graduated from University School. Her only daughter, Martha Barry Horsburgh ’65 was also a loyal alumna whose interests centered on female empowerment.

Travel to India 

Thanks to the Barry Fund, Upper School Harriet Mullin Barry ’32 Fellows are selected to travel to India for an immersion experience with Global Learning Across Borders, an organization with extensive experience working on the Indian subcontinent. 

Throughout the trip, the fellows examine the status of women and girls, the changing role of women, India’s relationship with China, religious diversity of the subcontinent, and Indian politics. Students journal, write reflections, and document their experiences through photography and video. Upon their arrival back to campus, Barry Fellows share their experiences with other students, parents, faculty members, and trustees in a manner that inspires others.