Basic Information

If you are in grade 9 or 10, please explain why you wish to do a Strnad project before your senior year:​​​​

Project Information

Check all the subject areas that are applicable to your proposed project.​
Please state your project idea in 250 characters or less, using active verbs such as "research," "construct," "compose," etc.​​​
Please state, in a well-written paragraph, your reasons for selecting this project. Be sure to explain how you developed this idea, demonstrate your passion for the topic, and discuss how it is an extension of your current studies at Hathaway Brown.​
Please describe the final product of your project as you see it.​


Please describe your expectations for your in-school and (if applicable) out-of-school mentor(s).​

Project Details

When and where specifically do you intend to work on this project​


Please indicate what you hope to have completed during the following periods of time. Remember that September-November is a busy time for seniors applying to college!

Please list any after school responsibilities that require a large time commitment that you plan on participating in next year. Examples include sports, performing arts, clubs, jobs, and volunteering. Be sure to list any centers where you are pursuing a fellowship (Global Scholars, Center for Business and Finance, etc.).​​​​
Please give estimates of expenses for the project. If you don't have exact figures, please give your best guess. Potential costs include educational components, project supplies, and materials for your final product.​
Please list any components of the project that you already have or plan on obtaining without assistance from the Strnad Fellowship.​
Check this box when you consider your application to be complete. Once you check this box, we will begin reviewing your application.​

Please provide an email address where we can send a link to your current form.

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