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Where girls learn to lead and people are inspired to teach.

The Aspire Program of Hathaway Brown School is a tuition-free academic enrichment and leadership development program for girls in sixth through ninth grade from low-income communities in the Greater Cleveland area. Young women of tremendous potential who come from schools and communities that are under resourced and where they are limited in exposure to higher education are invited to apply for enrollment in the program. 

In addition to working with young women, Aspire is equally committed to being an agent of change around issues of education inequity by providing a teacher training experience to high school, college, and graduate school students who are curious about teaching and may be considering careers in education.

"Imagine how different and amazing this world would be if every girl was able to come into Aspire as a little caterpillar and come out as a beautiful butterfly."

Gabrielle Williams
Aspire Class of 2019


About Aspire

Aspire is a tuition-free academic enrichment and leadership program for high-achieving girls from under-resourced schools. 

Apply to Aspire

Aspire girls have tremendous potential. Over three consecutive summers, the program empowers them to imagine new possibilities for themselves, their education, and their communities.

Teach at Aspire

Aspire equips educators, of all experience levels, with the tools necessary to bring new ideas to schools and communities.

Aspire is rooted in what is most exceptional about Hathaway Brown School. Identifying young women with extraordinary potential, providing deep learning experiences that expand their horizons, and engaging outstanding educators with the resources to succeed reflect the institution's focus on excellence in girls' education. 

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