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For Danielle Horvitz Weiner ‘00, Hathaway Brown’s Primary School was a magical experience. Lifelong friendships began and precious memories were made, including amazing Halloween parties and a Madagascar hissing cockroach as a class pet. “My love of learning began in Prime,” Danielle shares. “The warm, caring community nurtured my curiosity and my classmates and teachers were my extended family. It was magical.”

As Danielle and her husband, Michael, began raising their own family, the decision to send their daughter, Arabella ’31, to HB was easy. “We are big believers in the benefits of an all-girls education,” says Michael. “Danielle had such a great experience as a lifer at HB and we continue to be impressed by the academics and commitment to preparing girls for life.”

Michael and Danielle are both passionate about the importance of the pre-school through fourth grade years and this inspired them to support the Early Childhood and Primary School renovations. “We wanted to have an impact on these foundational years in an area of the school that needed some attention,” Danielle says. “I am so excited about the planned changes, including more windows that add natural light and warm and inviting learning spaces that will still have the cozy nooks and crannies I remember as a Prime student.”

As Arabella grows up in HB’s celebrated community, both Danielle and Michael look forward to watching her experience the magic of Prime. “Our hope for Arabella is that she develops a love of learning,” says Michael. “We look forward to watching her grow up as a strong, confident young woman of character.”

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