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Casey Lintern Rogers '94 is the director of The Ellen Fund, committed to supporting global conservation efforts for endangered species. Casey has served in the nonprofit sector for over 20 years. Responsibilities have included managing family foundations, grantmaking for a large international foundation, launching a nonprofit that provides scholarships for financially-challenged secondary school students, evaluating finalists for a large international humanitarian prize, supporting the launch of a women’s movement for climate, and shaping conservation messages that have been seen over 500 million times.

Early in Casey’s career, she knew she was meant to connect needs in communities with possibilities in boardrooms. Having now visited the people of over 44 countries, Casey continues to be a global thinker who values relationships foremost. She works diligently behind the scenes to ensure continual forward movement for her clients, and for our planet.

Casey says: 

"Antarctica is a symbol of our changing climate and women play a critical role in addressing climate change.  In developing countries, women's work is closely tied to the environment (e.g., water and firewood collection, agriculture) and in more developed countries, research shows that women are more likely to adopt climate-positive actions such as endorsing energy efficiency measures or buying organic food. We also know that organizations with women in leadership excel.

My belief in the power of women's leadership stems from a strong foundation at HB and I'm proud to be able to promote that same message in the conservation space because we need women at the center of climate solutions to be most effective."

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