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"HB is responsible for my growth mindset. It was the most amazing launching pad for a life of adventure and entrepreneurship. And the deep friendships I hold over 25 years later are testament to a community that is built on connection and belonging. I am so so so grateful for my years at HB!"

Amanda Casgar ’96 is a pioneer with a passion for launching and growing businesses. She spent the early days of her career in marketing building new
ventures for iconic media brands Oprah Winfrey, The Food Network, Rachael Ray and Lifetime. Her experience in media naturally extended to a leadership role on lululemon’s widely admired community team. She helped drive growth for the activewear leader from 2009-2021. This tenure included the company’s early expansion in the US, to launching lululemon’s first store in Europe. She
pioneered the brands success in APAC leading expansion efforts out of the Hong Kong office from 2014-2018, a time in which lululemon grew from 0 to 100 stores in eight new countries. Spearheading the brand's growth and leading multi-national teams, sometimes seven languages rich, cemented her belief in what really accelerates growth – a commitment to culture and developing leaders.

Amanda recently co-founded Hysterical, a community created to stoke a whisper culture around menopause. Hysterical believes that mature women with confidence, agency and curiosity are needed to change the world.  

With an education at HB, Amanda took for granted that the world was filled with feminists and activists that want to make the world a better place for all living beings. Only learning about how disruptive menopause can be for many women's lives did she begin to understand the true impact of a medical system that was not oriented to supporting women.  

Hysterical hosts live digital talk shows each month and pulls the guests and audience into a Slack community to continue the conversation. If you're interested in joining, please register at

In addition to Hysterical, Amanda runs a consulting practice which helps companies navigate the complexities of high-growth. To learn more or just to connect, Amanda can be reached at

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