Alumnae News & Highlights

Though time has blurred the details of her days at HB, Barb Weber Mixon ’58 still remembers what was most important: “The lifelong friends.” An alumna of Wellesley College, Barb and her husband Mal were married three days after graduation. The Marine Corps immediately carried the couple to Hawaii, where Barb worked at the naval supply center at Pearl Harbor doing statistical work. While her husband returned to Harvard Business School, Barb spent two years as an IRS agent. They moved back to Cleveland, and the rest is history! Barb and Mal supported numerous charitable and academic causes in the Cleveland area, investing in the institutions that make Cleveland a wonderful place to live, work, learn, and create.

A Place to Gather

“When we were Primes, it was special to get to go to the auditorium. In the middle and upper schools, you started each day there. Everything special happened there. Fourth and eighth grade graduations, plays, speakers. Miss Coburn up there every morning saying something special, even if it was just ‘Go Indians!’”

Marriage and Teamwork

“I think back to when Mal and I got married, and that began the lifelong journey of what we became and who we were. It was an evolution. We started our life together in Cleveland, with a few gaps in there when we moved out of town and back again. But we became a team on investing and doing what we could for the community and the family and the country.”

A Financial Education

“Fiscal policy, finance, entrepreneurship, capitalism – I don’t think young people know enough about what it takes to run not only their own finances, but those of the city, the state, and the country. They don’t understand debt. Capitalism, I think, has a bad name, but we need to teach it. That’s what keeps this country running. The importance of balancing a budget – you’ve got to balance a budget to take care of those who need it.”

Family and Philanthropy

“I am most proud of my family – Ki and Liz ’87, six grandchildren. But also of what we have accomplished for Cleveland and beyond. We were involved with the Cleveland Institute of Music, naming the Mixon Hall there. We endowed a scholarship at Case Western Reserve University and a chair at Case, too. We supported the Richey Mixon building at Case, the HB playground, and other endowed chairs at the Cleveland Clinic. We created a scholarship at Harvard as well, for an inner-city Cleveland student or a child from Oklahoma, because Mal was from Oklahoma.”

Advice for the Next HB Generation

“Take care of what’s around you. Take care of your family, help your friends, help your community. Take care of the environment. There’s a lot to take care of, and you can’t be self-centered and ignore the things around you. Even in politics, even if it’s painful, you’ve got to go for what you believe in, and hopefully it’s not too radical! You know what your friends need. As far as the community, they let you know what they need. There are a lot of businesses that need help, and Mal never said no. I’m still here at 82, working with all the companies and businesses and charities that we were involved in over the years. Finally, you’ve got to have a sense of humor – you will need it!” 
  • Distinguished Alumnae Award