Why Hathaway Brown?

Hathaway Brown's Signature Learn for Life Approach empowers girls to achieve their utmost potential and to rise boldly to the challenges of their times. 

empowered girls 

Since 1876, HB girls have been defying expectations, making their voices heard, shattering glass ceilings, and blazing their own trails. Girls who learn and grow together at HB know that they can do anything because they see other girls achieving their goals every day. 

On any given day at Hathaway Brown, you'll see the tremendous, lasting benefits of an all-girls education. Take a peek into any classroom, and you’ll see confident, curious, and empowered girls.

Distinguished Academics

As a leader in single-sex education, HB offers:

  • a balanced curriculum in the Humanities

  • an emphasis in leadership, confidence, and ethics

  • award-winning teaching in Science and Mathematics

  • innovative training in Technology

  • a deep commitment to the importance of athletics for girls

  • opportunities for girls to share their voices and instruments on stage

  • and a distinguished faculty who inspire girls to learn for life 

Admission Events

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Priority Application Deadlines

ITC, EC & Kindergarten

January 1 - applications due

February 1 - admission checklist requirements due

Grades 1-12

Friday, January 19 

(Flexible tuition applications, for K-12, should be submitted with applications for priority consideration.)

They speak up in class. They meet with teachers and professors. They ask questions both inside and outside the lecture hall.

HB believes in the research about single-sex education, believes in girls, and believes HB graduates are confident and capable women because of their all-girls education.

HB challenges, supports, and empowers girls

A school for girls, not just a school with girls, is the best way to enable young women to reach their full potential as thinkers, leaders, and achievers. Hathaway Brown recognizes and responds to the distinctive patterns of girls’ cognitive, emotional, and physical development. 

In a girls’ school, the top math and science students, the best artists and athletes, and the class leaders are always and profoundly girls

“Girls can achieve great things in Math, Science, and Technology when opportunities exist, when teaching methods are geared to their strengths and when everyone’s expectations are set high,” according to the National Coalition of Girls’ Schools. 

Girls flourish in single-sex environments

Free from many of society’s pressures, at HB girls can focus on what’s important to them. HB educators take a special interest in developing female leaders. Just as importantly, HB students are a part of a celebrated community with strong, lifelong friendships, and support networks. 

Girls learn how to speak up and take risks

Educators and parents have long worried that many girls shy away from competitive behavior and risk taking in a mixed educational environment. Girls from single-sex schools are just as likely as boys and more likely than girls from co-ed schools to explore subjects and activities outside their comfort zones. Upon arriving at college, graduates of all-girls schools are more engaged in their academics and with the world at large than their counterparts.

headshot of Upper School student


"Families should send their daughters to HB because of all the great opportunities. I haven't seen any other school that has such a strong core curriculum, first division sports, a sense of strong community and support, and programs that cater to anything you could ever imagine."

Sarah Scott ’21

photo of Bailey Hodge ’24


"There are a lot of perks to attending a girls' school. The best part is the opportunity to connect with other girls. It's a sisterhood. At HB, we really form a bond with each other and collaborate to do great things."

Bailey Hodge ’24

headshot of Primary School student


"I like going to an all-girls school! Families should send their daughters here because HB provides a very good education, the teachers are very nice, and the lunch is delicious."

Olivia Vaughan ’29


Hathaway Brown has been the #1 best girls' K-12 school in Ohio for five years in a row! And in 2024, HB is ranked as the top girls high school for STEM.