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Our daughters are unlimited.
Our daughters are unlimited.
Our daughters are unlimited.
Our daughters are unlimited.
Our daughters are unlimited.

Financial Aid

Even though campus is closed, the Admission team is available to assist your family with learning more about Hathaway Brown's distinguished academics. 

Financial aid is delivered in the form of grants, ranging from 5-95 percent of tuition. A committee reviews each case individually and allocates grants based on a family’s demonstrated need using information provided by the family and an analysis done by School and Student Services (SSS).

Demonstrated Need

A family’s demonstrated need is defined as the difference between educational expenses and the family’s ability to pay those expenses. To determine this, the Parents' Financial Statement (PFS) is required. The PFS asks for information such as:

  • family size
  • total income
  • savings
  • investments
  • other assets such as home equity
  • indebtedness
  • medical and dental expenses
  • and any unusual expenses

Families applying for financial aid also are required to submit copies of their recent tax forms to SSS. These forms, W2, 1099, and Federal 1040 forms, are used to verify information on the PFS. 


  • The School and Student Services PFS must be submitted by the application deadline. SSS school code = 3748
  • Applications received after the deadline will be considered on a rolling basis and processed when complete
  • Grant allocations are included with acceptance offers
  • Because funds are limited, it's to your family's advantage to complete the application process as soon as possible

While Hathaway Brown school is closed, students are engaged in remote learning and educators are committed to implementing new and flexible ways to ensure girls receive our distinguished academics at home. Check out remote learning highlights on social media. 


All Cleveland independent schools make financial aid considerations on the basis of financial assessments conducted by School and Student Services (SSS), a subsidiary of the National Association of Independent Schools. Families confidentially submit documentation to SSS and HB’s Financial Aid Committee carefully reviews the organization’s recommendation before granting a tuition assistance package. 

Eager to visit HB? 

Take the virtual tour and see the 16-acre campus that girls from Akron to Westlake call home. 

Front of Hathaway Brown School building