Our girls are unlimited.
Our girls are unlimited.
Our girls are unlimited.
Our girls are unlimited.
Our girls are unlimited.

2021-2022 Tuition

Infant & Toddler Center

Tuition: $3,800 - $19,000

Early Childhood Program

Tuition: $5,250 - $19,000

ITC and EC tuition ranges are based on the number of days in attendance and additional enrollment options.

Primary School (grades K-4) 

Tuition: $23,100 - $27,800
Average Flexible Tuition: $10,800

Middle School (grades 5-8)

Tuition: $28,700 - $31,700
Average Flexible Tuition: $12,700

Upper School (grades 9-12)

Tuition: $32,500 - $35,200
Average Flexible Tuition: $17,500

While tuition costs factor heavily into the decision to attend HB, the Admission committee doesn’t consider a family’s financial profile when acceptance offers are extended.

Tuition and fees are adopted and approved annually by the Hathaway Brown School Board of Trustees.

Questions About K-12 Tuition? Contact:

Elizabeth Pinkerton

Director of Enrollment Management

Questions About ITC & EC Tuition? Contact:

Kristin Kuhn

Director of Infant & Toddler Center, Early Childhood & Primary School Admission

Flexible Tuition

Girls with high academic potential belong at Hathaway Brown! An HB education empowers girls with diverse experiences from communities across Northeast Ohio. 

Flexible tuition allows each K-12 family to invest in their daughter's education with tuition that best fits their finances. 

While every family is expected to contribute to the cost of tuition and fees, and to support the community to the extent individual family circumstances allow, Hathaway Brown School does not expect all families to pay tuition at the same level.

The availability of flexible tuition may vary based on grade level, space in a grade, number of applicants, and budgeted funds.


Hathaway Brown is the
#1 Best All-Girls School & #1 Best College Prep Private High School in Ohio. 


Preferred Application Deadlines

January 21 - 1st-12th grade admission & flexible tuition applications due for priority consideration 

January 31 - Infant & Toddler Center, Early Childhood, and Kindergarten admission & flexible tuition applications due for priority consideration 

February 11 - Admission notification day

Eager to visit HB? 

Take the virtual tour and see the 16-acre campus that girls from Akron to Westlake call home. 

Front of Hathaway Brown School building