Our daughters are unlimited.
Our daughters are unlimited.
Our daughters are unlimited.
Our daughters are unlimited.
Our daughters are unlimited.


Since 1876, Hathaway Brown has given girls the tools needed to confidently embrace all the possibilities that exist for them beyond our Shaker Heights campus. In addition to the superior academic preparation they receive, at every turn, HB students are inspired to become the best version of themselves. HB empowers girls of all ages and boys in our Early Childhood program to take risks, stretch their imagination, make mistakes, collaborate, and start over when necessary.

Hathaway Brown School is a school for girls and so much more. 

three kindergarten girls completing a worksheet
middle school girl playing a violin
Cross Country team forming an x with their arms

It’s a school for scientists and writers and artists and budding entrepreneurs. It’s a training ground for athletes and dancers and musicians and actresses. It’s a place where young people are empowered to ask questions, challenge conventions, and explore opportunities. Is HB right for your family?

Admission Events

To RSVP, families must first complete an inquiry form. 

Eager to visit HB? 

Take the virtual tour and see the 16-acre campus that girls from Akron to Westlake call home. 

Front of Hathaway Brown School building

Students are admitted on the basis of personal and academic performance and promise, and are included in all School activities and programs, without discrimination on grounds of race, color, religion, or national or ethnic origin.