Primary School (K-4)

Empowered Girls

Learning to be a kind and considerate person is valued in the Primary School. Time is spent each day discussing respect, responsibility,  resilience, and kindness. Prime girls show high regard for themselves and others by:

  • listening to each other
  • working peacefully for a common goal
  • and treating each other as they would want to be treated.

At HB, an emphasis on positive female role models fosters an environment in which a girl's self-esteem and confidence in her own potential for success take center stage.

Our Daughters Are Unlimited

For nearly 150 years, HB girls have defied expectations, shattered glass ceilings, and blazed their own trails.

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Notable Women

Positive role models are actualized with the longstanding Notable Women tradition. Fourth graders thoroughly research female business execs, Olympic athletes, scientists, and all-around trailblazers. Dressed in full costume at the annual reception, the girls fully embody the persona of their selected woman.

Distinguished Academics

The Primary School provides a rich and well-developed curriculum. HB girls grow and thrive in small class sizes with an emphasis on developing a love of lifelong learning. A strong academic focus in fundamental skills and knowledge is complemented with an offering of specialty classes that enrich the learning experience.

HB girls are taught to be engaged and inquisitive participants in their own education.


Hathaway Brown was the first in the region to adopt the innovative Storyline model — a knowledge-building method that uses story creation to build collaborative and creative problem-solving skills. Storyline:

  • is child-centered and allows unlimited opportunities for differentiation
  • enhances student engagement and decision making
  • begins with a student's previous experiences and layers new understanding through the process of constructing a story
  • encourages research, writing, and critical social skills to guide each unit 
  • and helps students make connections while gaining valuable insight.

This signature preparatory approach uses narrative as a framework to extend project-based learning and integrates every aspect of the Prime School curriculum.