Fellowship in Equity & Action


Fellowship in Equity & Action

This Fellowship helps girls get comfortable with themselves and knowledgeable about other races, ethnicities, economic classes, experiences, and perspectives. They also are engaged with the Greater Cleveland community through leadership opportunities, hands-on service, international immersion experiences, and Service Learning classes.


Fellowship in Equity & Action

There’s much to learn and gain from working with people of all races, ethnicities, economic classes, experiences, and perspectives. Students on the multicultural affairs path help members of the HB community get comfortable with themselves and knowledgeable about others in order to thrive in a multicultural world. 

More About this Fellowship 

School-Wide Activist Group

This Upper School student group encourages students to become advocates in identifying and addressing equity and social justice issues. Students in this group are trained to effectively facilitate conversations and activities focusing on issues of diversity, equity, and justice.

Affinity Groups

Affinity Groups create safe spaces where members with a common identity share experiences and learn more about themselves. The Fellowship program sponsors affinity groups in response to the expressed needs of members of the community. 

Service Learning Courses

Learn, serve, and more through the hands-on service, field trips to local organizations, and in-class activities focusing on the Greater Cleveland community. 

Co-Curricular Service

Participate in ongoing service projects addressing hunger, education, and other important community challenges. 


Join the GROW Foundation, to allocate grants to community-based organizations, issue microfinance loans, and manage the dress down fund. 


Service Learning Officers plan and implement off-campus service opportunities and educate the student body about community issues.

Speaker Series

Attend lunch forums featuring community leaders from Greater Cleveland. 

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