Strnad Fellowships in Creativity

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Strnad Fellowships in Creativity allow students to independently pursue an interest with a creative outcome in a limitless number of subjects. Girls have written novels, created philanthropic organizations, designed computer games, built bicycles, written and directed musicals, designed and taught academic classes, put on concerts, created art installations, learned glassblowing, and much more.

2019 - 2020 Strnads

Inspiring Ingenuity

In 1981, Edna and her late husband, James J. “Budd” Strnad, established the Edna Dawley Strnad Fellowships in Creativity at Hathaway Brown. Buoyed by the couple’s generosity, generations of students have developed new talents, cracked codes, explored their artistic sides, studied a variety of disciplines, and found innovative ways of looking at—and allowing others to see—the world we inhabit together. Read more.

No other high school in the U.S. offers the experiential learning opportunities that HB girls have through the Strnad Fellowships in Creativity and Hathaway Brown School's other Fellowships in Applied Studies. They are elective, ungraded, tied to the core curriculum, and enable students to actively engage with transformative ideas and careers. Learn more.