Science Research & Engineering Program

Imagine working on the cutting edge of scientific research — gene therapy delivery systems utilizing nanotechnology, astrophysical studies to shed light on the origin of the universe, or flying an experiment in space to find a solution to a real problem faced by the international space community...while you are still in high school!

For more than 20 years, hundreds of Hathaway Brown Upper School students have had innovative experiences through the nationally acclaimed Science Research & Engineering Program.

SREP students conduct research projects under the supervision of professionals from institutions such as:

  • Case Western Reserve University

  • University Hospitals

  • Cleveland Clinic

  • NASA Glenn Research Center

  • and the Cleveland Museum of Natural History.

Proven Results

By opening the doors to laboratories that students otherwise might not enter until college or graduate school, HB's Science Research & Engineering Program bridges the divide between the traditional high school curriculum and the real world. SREP students:

  • earn placements in innovative research settings
  • work directly with practicing scientists
  • contribute to cutting-edge research in numerous fields
  • author and co-author scholarly articles published in scientific journals
  • and win prestigious national and international competitions. 

SREP was established to:

Prepare HB students to become the next generation of leaders in science, engineering, technology, and other professional areas equipped with multiyear research and internship experience

Model, for other schools, SREP's new and innovative structure for learning by openly sharing methods for success with all interested schools, public or private, local or national, thus contributing to an improved educational system

Instill the empowerment that will aid young women throughout life as they face difficult tasks in any arena, empowerment resulting from completing a major project that initially seems insurmountable

Prepare students for an increasingly global community by exposing them to and fostering in them ease of functioning in experiences at the national and international levels that are available to them through their research

Establish strong community ties with local research universities and institutions, creating an awareness in students that Cleveland has excellent cutting-edge career opportunities, as well as the top caliber university training needed to prepare them for these careers

No other high school in the U.S. offers the experiential learning opportunities that HB girls have through the Fellowships in Science Research and Engineering and Hathaway Brown School's other Fellowships in Applied Studies. They are elective, ungraded, tied to the core curriculum, and enable students to actively engage with transformative ideas and careers. Learn more.