Early Childhood Program

Early Childhood kids playing with mock campfire

Children learn best Through play

At HB girls and boys are encouraged to play, discover, and collaborate.

Students explore indoors and outdoors while HB faculty support their social-emotional development. 

Signature Preparatory Approach

Play-Based Learning

Research shows children learn best through play and exploration. The EC offers a variety of manipulatives to:

  • teach
  • engage
  • and broaden a child's horizon. 

Project-Based Learning

A child’s learning is elevated through project-based learning. Students immerse themselves into a research project of their choice,  which keeps them invigorated with a vested interest in learning.

Nature-Based Learning

Children are natural scientists! They collect data, analyze, and make predictions as they interact with the world around them. In EC, students are willing to take on new challenges and a diminished fear of failure.

Conscious Discipline

EC teachers use the Conscious Discipline philosophy to create a positive, self-regulating environment for children that enhances social-emotional learning.

Distinguished Academics

HB’s Early Childhood Program integrates project-based learning in every subject to help children flourish and construct their own knowledge while building the social-emotional skills that help them grow as individuals. 

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