Yesterday's educational designs simply are not enough to prepare this generation of students.

Hathaway Brown gives girls in grades K through 12 and boys and girls in the Early Childhood program the chance to

  • unleash their creativity
  • explore things they're passionate about
  • and get big things done in a world that doesn't operate by the rules of a classroom syllabus. 

Academics at Hathaway Brown School are second to none. The core curriculum is just the starting point, students in all divisions have myriad opportunities to learn inside and outside the classroom.

We Learn Not for School, But for Life

At HB, lifelong learning prepares girls to embrace the world beyond our halls — poised and empowered to ask questions, challenge conventions, and make their own unique mark.

Learn for Life, HB's signature preparatory approach encompasses: 

Distinguished Academics

HB's core curriculum provides a solid foundation for girls to build their knowledge, skills, and confidence. Our educators uphold HB's promise and nationally-recognized standing for academic excellence.

Fellowships in Applied Studies

The Fellowships in Applied Studies are where the potential in HB girls is truly ignited. Girls are released from the confines of the classroom to pursue field experiences and acquire skills that matter most in the real world. 

Empowered Girls

HB girls are ready to rise boldly to the challenges of their times. In an all-girls learning environment, they grow up believing they can do anything, because they see other Hathaway Brown girls achieving their goals everyday. 

Celebrated Community

The pursuit of excellence is an eternally burning passion for all members of the HB community — alumnae, parents, educators, and partners. The HB community lives to support, expand, and celebrate the ambition of our girls. Lighting the way, now and forevermore. 

"The HB model of education and the school culture create a very specific kind of educational experience that I believe provides girls with the traits that are most highly correlated with success."

Catherine Steiner-Adair
Clinical Psychologist 


Hathaway Brown is Ohio's top Girls K-12 School, #1 Best All-Girls School, and #1 Best College Prep Private High School. 


Infant & Toddler Center

Infants and toddlers practice receptive and expressive language along with motor, cognitive, and social skills.

Early Childhood Program

Young learners are inspired through play, discovery, and collaboration. 

Primary School

Girls are empowered because they see other girls achieving their goals everyday. 

Middle School

Girls are challenged, nurtured, mentored, and empowered to design their own learning. 

Upper School

Girls are prepared and empowered to ask questions and challenge conventions.

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