The Class of 2032 Celebrates Notable Women

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The Class of 2032 Celebrates Notable Women

Hathaway Brown salutes the women whose bravery, determination, resilience, and outstanding contributions inspired our fourth graders to research and portray them in character at the annual Notable Women reception.

It's a school tradition for the fourth-grade class to research trailblazers from all fields including science, math, the military, business, technology, politics, literature, and more. The project culminates with a reception where each girl takes on the persona of her notable woman! 

Jane Goodall
Malala Yousafzai
Simone Biles
Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Michelle Obama
Serena Williams
Misty Copeland
Juliette Gordon Low
Elizabeth Blackwell
Frida Kahlo
Amelia Earhart
Alex Morgan
Maria Tallchief
Helen Keller
Nellie Bly
Queen Elizabeth II
Ada Lovelace
Clara Barton
Eleanor Roosevelt
Megan Rapinoe

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